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Here at TransferGo we are highly customer oriented - it's at our core to be customer centric and provide the best experience for our users. In order to do that, we nurture a collaborative environment, where nothing is someone else's problem. We work, learn and grow as a team and individuals - here professional & personal development is essential. We are proud to be international - though we are all different, we are all equal. Being a team of the best, globally diverse talent and using data driven decisions is key to moving the company forward efficiently and achieving superior results.

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We work with a Silicon Valley-calibre tech stack. Techniques and processes like DDD, continuous delivery, DevOps, and service-oriented architecture are what we swear by. Our Engineering team is made up of people from diverse backgrounds - from traditional Computer Science education to former communication specialists, diplomats, economists and artists. What unites us is a passion for technology and a drive to create the best product in the market.

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In marketing, we run "fast and lean” with a focus on constant learning, and executing the most impactful work well. Since we raised our Series B, we have the funding and resources to do big things, but we're still small enough to execute quickly. We start with the customer, focus on metrics, and run a quick experiment-driven process. The team is bright, curious and diverse, with team members from 11 countries and a wide range of backgrounds. In our hiring, we believe ability and attitude matter more than experience. So if this sounds like your idea of fun, we'd love to hear from you!

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We are fighting financial crime with one common goal - to protect our customers and the company. We are always ready to keep learning - our processes and procedures are subject to constantly changing legislations, so staying on top of things is vital. Customer identification, PEP, sanctions and adverse media screening, transactions monitoring and fraud prevention are the areas where we strive for perfection.

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To achieve our mission of creating frictionless service and offering the very best experience to the consumer, we need the best talent to join the company. And that includes people passionate about making financial services better. It's about working together with international teams, top colleagues, getting professional training and not being afraid of challenges that will constantly improve your hard and soft skills.

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It's all about transparency, teamwork and willingness to step into the shoes of others. These values are applied not only while supporting customers when they're in need most but in our internal communication as well. This has allowed us to build a strong international team of extraordinary personalities, starting from football players and fashion enthusiasts to techies and meditators. We strongly focus on growing and empowering our people and giving them the skills they need to develop their own career path, whether it's through building their communication skills, or getting them involved in financial operations, AML regulations and product development.

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We process thousands of customer transactions per day, ensure timely and accurate payments, manage FX rates and money flows - and that's only a little piece of what our team does! We also align with financial authorities and most importantly, keep your money safe!

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What We Offer

Benefits of working at TransferGo

Training Budget

Professional development is essential - everyone in TransferGo can use the budget for attending any training or conference, related to their area.

Friday Innovations

Our development teams spend up to 15% of their time in guilds learning new things and working on additional projects.

Fun Budget

In TransferGo we enjoy having fun. That is why every team has a fun budget that can be spent on any extra curricular activities.

Pet Friendly Office

Here in TransferGo every day is a pet friendly day! We enjoy having pets around and believe that the pets love it too!

IT Equipment

Latest tech equipment and everything that you might need is here for you. Working smarter makes things much easier.

Great Office Location

Our offices are located in very convenient and easily accessible areas since we believe that a great environment is important for our people.

Health Insurance

Healthy teammate is a happy teammate! It's always better to stay healthy, but if you don't - medical services are easily accessible.

We are International

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