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10 Funny Romanian Sayings

At TransferGo, we are very proud of our customer representatives. While we are obviously a bit biased, we think they’re among the top in the business.

As the first line of contact with our users from countries around the world, they not only get to provide whatever assistance is necessary, but they also get to learn about other cultures.  They regularly share this knowledge with the rest of us which helps us insure that TransferGo meets the needs of our clients.  One of the things we enjoy sharing is the various sayings and phrases that are unique to other countries such as our recent blog post about Polish phrases.

This time we would like to share some of our favourite Romanian phrases.

  1. “His face has fallen off” is a far more colourful way of saying that someone was surprised.
  1. We have not been able to completely figure out how “cabbage” became such a multipurpose word in Romanian slang. “Cabbage” can mean that someone is extremely tired, that a room is in a state of total disarray, or that someone’s life is chaotic.
  1. All cultures have a phrase, or more likely a collection of phrases, to indicate that someone is “crazy” such Romanians are said to be “gone on a raft.” They also say that someone has a “curly mind.”
  1. Most cultures seem to have a bit of a problem with calling someone a “liar”, especially when the untruth is more of an exaggeration that an outright falsehood. Romanians call this “selling you doughnuts”; another one we can’t quite figure out.
  1. Since we have an office dog, we don’t completely agree with, but do understand, the term “good cheese in a dog’s stomach” when referring to a waste of resources or talent.
  1. When a person fails to speak up, especially when they should, Romanians say they are “like the pig in the corn field.”
  1. Having a “coin drop” indicates that someone finally catches on or an “aha” moment.
  1. We all know someone who has had a few too many at the pub; in Romania that person is a “blotting paper”, a phrase we might actually work into our conversations.
  1. Instead of asking someone if they’re questioning you or questioning a statement they are said to be “making neck”, which is actually a good description for someone’s body language.
  1. Most cultures have a more colourful or milder way of a saying “I don’t care”; Romanians say they “have an elbow ache.”





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