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10 Ways to Make Money Online

The TransferGo blog has published several articles about the importance of making and keeping to a budget, along with some tips on making your budget go further.  In order to stretch their budget or to save for a special purchase such as a holiday, new car, or a flat-screen, many people have taken on a second or temporary job.

The digital age has ushered in an entirely new and vast era of earning additional income. Unfortunately, the online money making opportunities are full of scams.

Our inboxes and social media feeds are filled with work-at-home offers.  Most offer lucrative income for just a few hours of work, or offer items like e-books which will show us how to make thousands of pounds weekly. The basic rule of thumb to apply to all of these work-at-home offers is that if it looks too good to be true, it most likely is.  The website Rat Race Rebellion, which helps people find work-at-home opportunities, estimates that only one out of every 60 money making opportunities is legitimate; the rest are scams or email harvesting ploys.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t make money at home with your computer in your spare time. Here are some ideas that actually work and are advisable for any migrant trying to improve their salary.


With the global nature of the business world and the unparalleled movement of people from one country to another, the need for translators is high.  The need for translators includes not only word-for-word translation, but also for those that can help with cultural differences.   Home-based translators who are available on a project basis are in high demand. This is also a growing area and is projected to increase by about 30% over the coming years.

Virtual Assistant

Another area we have covered in the blog is the growth of SMEs in the UK. This growth occurs in many other parts of the world as well. Often SMEs and other self-employed workers are in need of assistants on an “as-needed” or part time basis.  In today’s digital world many of the tasks typical of those in assistant roles can be accomplished remotely.  For those with excellent typing, transcription, and database skills becoming a virtual assistant can be fairly lucrative.

Call Centre Representative

When we call a company’s help line we typically envision a room filled with cubicles and people taking incoming calls. In fact, many call centre reps are talking to you from their home. Being a call centre rep is ideal for people with flexible schedules and who have expertise in specific areas.  The ability to speak multiple languages is also a plus. In most cases it is necessary to have a landline, although some online-based help-desks only require a high-speed internet connection.


The need for qualified tutors is at an all-time high. Parents and students alike hire tutors for both long and short-term durations.  With programs such as Skype and other desktop sharing applications the choice of an acceptable tutor is no longer limited by geography.

Referral Agent

Getting paid to make referrals is one of the easiest passive income methods available. Basically you refer your friends to products and services that you use and recommend. The companies pay you a fee whenever someone you refer signs up for their services. The TransferGo Refer and Earn Program is a perfect example. We give you a unique link to forward to your friends. When they sign up and make a transfer we pay you £10.


The internet has created vast opportunities for writers and editors. There are several ways to go about earning money as a writer or editor online.  Many choose to write about topics where they have interests or expertise in their own blog. Blog writers typically make money through sponsorships and paid adverts. Blog owners and company websites are also in need of a great deal of content, which has created a worldwide market for freelance writers with specialised expertise and writing abilities.  These sites along with students and business people have also created a great market for editors who can proofread and correct papers and reports.

Website Testers

We have come to expect websites to work perfectly regardless of how we connect to them. Studies have found that regardless of how great the product or service is, a poorly functioning website can be the kiss of death for the company. Website testers make sure that websites are easy to navigate and to understand. The work typically doesn’t require special skills or knowledge, just an eye for detail.

Language Trainer

One of the more interesting aspects of today’s business climate and mobile population is the need for language trainers. In essence language trainers serve as practice partners for business people, workers, and students who are learning another language. Language trainers simply have conversations with their clients and explain correct usage as well as explaining idioms and common sayings.

Survey Takers

This area is one that most of us have seen advertised on the web or in print. Many of these sites are indeed scams, but a number of companies are involved in legitimate research on topics ranging from product usage and image, packaging, taste tastes, internet usage, and banking.  When searching for companies that pay you for your opinion make sure that the advert lists the company’s name, website, and contact number. Also avoid any site which requires you to pay a fee to participate.

Sell Products Online

The internet has also opened up a great marketplace for “part time merchants”.  Selling online is perfect for those who are looking to reduce the clutter, who collect specific items, or savvy flea market or bargain shoppers. Online sales can be accomplished from your own dedicated website or, for those looking for an easier marketplace, on seller websites such as EBay.


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