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5 reasons why working at TransferGo is awesome

Working at TransferGo is pretty awesome. But you probably thought we’d say that. So for this blog post, we thought it best to speak to some of our employees about their experiences of working at TransferGo.

And the responses were overwhelmingly positive. Here’s what they said…

“We’re making the world a better place”

As our Chief Compliance Officer, Francesco Fulcoli greatly puts it, “We are a legion! We are migrants! And we’re on a mission to make a better world. TransferGo is a company with a social mission at its core to help financial needs and make moving money globally as easy as sending a text. We’re the first social fintech made by people for the people.”

Our mission is certainly something that resonates with many of our employees—from our Chief Technology Officer, Mantas Žalneravičius to our Associate AML Compliance Analyst, Matthaios. For Cyril Le Roux, our VP of Product Management, it’s “definitely” TransferGo’s mission that makes him proud to work here. But also, “the obsession over improving the way the company works,” he said.

“The flexibility is awesome”

Humans aren’t robots. They have lives and emotions. Here at TransferGo, we know the importance of protecting our employees’ mental health. That’s why we provide as much flexibility at work as possible. 

We offer unlimited holidays and a pet-friendly office. What’s more, our employees benefit from a flexible work from home policy—yes, even in today’s ‘living with Covid’ times. Our Treasury Operations Specialist, Gintarė loves it. As does our Senior CS Specialist (EN/LT), Simona. Oh, and many of our other employees. Of course, our offices are still operating and our employees can work from there whenever they like but we believe it’s important to maintain this choice and flexibility. And that’s why we do.

“We’re fun and motivated”

Here at TransferGo, our people play the most important role in what we do. And it just so happens that our people love our people. We put this down to our culture, which prioritises transparency, communication and employee wellbeing.

Our AML Compliance Intern, Emanuele Nasello says, “People are treated fairly and not like “slaves” here. I believe that people are more willing to work hard and give more. If companies lead their people with trust, embrace mistakes and create a healthy environment for people, I believe that people are more willing to work hard and give more.” Amen to that.

“There are opportunities to grow”

TransferGo is almost 10 years old. And many of our 200+ employees have been with us for most of our journey. We value this loyalty and see it as a sign of their satisfaction working for us. But we also believe it’s because of the opportunities there are to progress here.

Take Irma Dambrauskė, for example. She’s grown from our HR Business Partner to our People Operations Manager to our Head of People Operations. Senem Ergüvenoğlu started off as Growth Manager but then became Regional Growth Manager and now she’s Director of Brand Marketing. Meanwhile, Marius Nedelcu has come a long way from being the Company Manager of Romania. He was later promoted to Head of Growth and now he’s our Chief Marketing Officer. 

“We’re helping Ukraine”

Since Russia invaded Ukraine, TransferGo has been focussed on doing everything we can to help the people of Ukraine. Within hours, we stopped transfers to Russia and scrapped ALL fees on transfers to Ukraine. They’re still free today. We also improved transfer speeds to make sure that money reached those who needed it most. Transfers now reach their destination in just a couple of minutes. In the period between 24th February 2022 to 30th May 2022, we processed a total of 130 million Euros in transfers to Ukraine.

We also created a blog post and landing page listing various authorised charities dedicated to providing humanitarian aid to Ukraine and surrounding areas.

And there are many other reasons why working at TransferGo is awesome—from our ‘4.8 Excellent’ score on Trustpilot to the fact that we’re constantly growing and working on new products to release.

Working at TransferGo really is awesome. But don’t just take our word for it.


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