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5 reasons why working as an engineer for TransferGo rocks

Working at TransferGo has its many, many benefits. As well as our flexible working from home policy, our employees have the advantage of unlimited holidays, Trust Days, rewards and recognition and so much more. 

Well, good news! We’re hiring. We have lots of open positions as we expand Team TransferGo and we’re currently on the hunt for engineers! At present, we have vacancies for Data Engineers, Senior Front-End Engineers, Senior Back-End Engineers and Engineering Managers working across various different teams and departments.

If you’re interested (or know anyone who might be), read on. Here are 5 reasons why working as an engineer for TransferGo rocks.

You’ll be challenged every day

Designing, building and maintaining various complex systems means you’re likely used to challenges as an engineer. But TransferGo takes things to a whole new level. 

As Andrew Cairns, our Lead Back-End Engineer based in Fife, Scotland explains, “TransferGo is a great place to work if you like a challenge. You really have something you can sink your teeth into. You’re constantly learning, being stretched and having your thinking challenged, which is brilliant for your personal and professional growth. We get challenged here and have to implement some complex things, which can be pretty fun for an engineer.”

You’ll feel part of a team

Even in today’s ‘living with Covid’ world, many of our employees continue to work remotely. This includes many of our engineerssome of which have never been to the office or met another TransferGo employee face to face. But that doesn’t stop them from feeling part of the team.

Alexander Tretyak, one of our Senior Software Engineers is based in Kyiv, Ukraine. When the war broke out, his wife fled to Croatia for safety but he was determined to stay. “I’m alone here in Ukraine but I feel so attached to TransferGo and really feel part of the team. We regularly have remote drinks and I talk to everyone about everything. And that feels totally normal. The TransferGo team plays a big role in my social life and that’s a huge thing.”

You decide the rules

TransferGo value the importance of flexibility and happiness at work. All of our employees are entitled to unlimited holidays. We champion the work-life balance but at the same time, we also appreciate that it’s not for everyone. 

As Andrew explains, “For me, one of the main benefits of working at TransferGo is the work-life integration. Balance doesn’t really work for me because I love what I do. Integrating both is really important. I love being able to sit at my kitchen table while working, or getting my laptop out for an hour on an evening to do some work. This year, I’ve also had the luxury of booking a holiday for when the weather is nice. I’ll be spending it doing a 111km kayak trip to raise money for the charity, It’s Good to Give, which provided essential support to my family while our young daughter, Isla battled a cancer diagnosis.” 

You’ll be part of something special

We’re always talking about our TransferGo culture but as Andrew explains, we also walk the walk: “TransferGo has a well-defined culture but they also walk the walk. They document their culture and stick to it.”

Alexander also adds: “It’s just so nice to work here. We have an amazing culture of support and response. Whenever anything happens, there’s a dedicated person to handle it. There’s also a lot of loyalty and I don’t face any obstacles doing what I need to do or when I need to take time out. I just talk to my manager and go from there. When the war broke out in Ukraine, TransferGo helped refugees right from the beginning. They did everything from relocating Ukrainian employees to scrapping fees on their transfers to Ukraine. For me, it means a lot to be part of this crowd that helps people and creates solutions. I know that everything is for the good.”

The people come first

A huge part of our TransferGo culture is the people. We put them first. “TransferGo put people first and they really mean it. I’ve lost count of how many people I’ve told about TransferGo helping so many employees when the Ukraine war broke out. They relocated them straight away, and their families too”, says Andrew.

Speaking of people, our team of 292 employees and contractors are pretty special. You’ll work with so many different nationalities and cultures and people from all walks of life. This will push you to grow, develop and expand your mindset. As Andrew explains, “I work with a strong and phenomenal team. Over the course of the year, I’ve hired some of the smartest people I’ve ever worked with. They come with lots of different ideas, which I’d have never thought of. It really encourages you to learn and grow.”

So why work as an engineer for TransferGo? 

Well, why wouldn’t you want to work as an engineer for TransferGo? As Alexander explains, “It’s a steep curve to integrate here but it’s totally worth it for both personal and professional growth.”

Andrew also adds: “TransferGo is a great place to pursue engineering excellence.”

Another great thing about working as an engineer for TransferGo is that our people are always there for each other. Case in point: after this conversation, Andrew and Alexander met for a virtual beer. 

Now that’s what makes Team TransferGo. 


Would you like to work for TransferGo? We thought so. View and apply for our engineering roles (and many more) on our Open Positions page. 


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