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These 6 London restaurants are offering food delivery right now—and we’re hungry

Move over, WFH. Right now, we’re all about DFH (Dining From Home). Our favourite lockdown activity, DFH is more than just the average takeaway for the tired. It’s top-notch London food delivery on your very own dining table—where the only hard work is choosing what to eat. Foodies of the Big Smoke, rejoice.

Turn your living room into the place to be for lockdown date night and get ordering. Fish koftas, tonkotsu ramen or good ol’ pie and mash won’t provide a cure for coronavirus, but they’ll certainly lift your lockdown spirits. 

Meet 6 of the best London restaurants offering food delivery straight to your door. 

1. Hoppers

Sri Lankan. Based in: Soho | King’s Cross | East (opening end of May)

Snack on moreish banana chips, share a small Jaffna beef fry and tuck a piece of kitchen roll into your collar to enjoy a saucy fish kari. These are just some of the absolute beauties out for delivery from Hoppers—a central London restaurant, inspired by village dining in Sri Lanka and Tamil Nadu.

Though you’ll miss the remarkable rattan and the wood-clad interiors within their Soho eatery, the food at Hoppers is the real star of the show. Lucky for lockdown.

Order takeaway from Hoppers on Deliveroo.

2. Rice Error by BAO

Taiwanese. Based in Borough

A TV dinner, but not as you know it. That’s what’s on the menu this evening, courtesy of Rice Error by BAO. Based in Borough and delivering mostly south of the river, this fun little takeaway experience promises Taiwan’s award-winning Chi Shang rice—together with DIY meals and some seriously good fried chicken. 

They also have tote bags and T-shirts in case your washing machine’s on the blink.

Order takeaway from Rice Error by BAO on Deliveroo

3. Oren

Israeli. Based in Clapton

If you don’t get further than the mezze, we forgive you—the small plates at Oren are among the best. Start ordering the tahini, pita, olives and harissa before you decide which of the 8 mouth-watering main courses you’ll pick. Maybe… all?

From smoked aubergine and fish koftas to an ENTIRE roast chicken with baharat spice, you’ve got your work cut out for you. An impressive wine selection is the icing on the cake for this tasty takeaway option.

Order takeaway from Oren on Slerp

4. M. Manze

British. Based in Bermondsey

If your soft spot’s for comfort food, then there’s already a space in your heart for M. Manze. A stalwart of Cockney cuisine since 1902, this cafe’s no-nonsense menu of pie, mash and jellied eels brings a touch of home to London’s takeaway scene.

Filling, traditional foods at humble prices. 

Order from M. Manze on JustEat.

5. Taro

Japanese. Based in Kennington and Balham

The chicken katsu curry gets our vote every time. But with nigiri, temaki, sashimi, ramens and so much more to Taro’s delivery menu—including a ‘sides’ selection that ticks all our boxes—you’re totally spoilt for choice.

Below is the link for the Taro in Kennington – but you’ll find them dotted across London, from Balham in the south to West Hampstead in the, errr, west. 

Order from Taro on Deliveroo

6. Fare

Italian. Based in Clerkenwell

The little sister of Sager + Wilde’s two eastern locations, Fare serves up thin-crust pizzas for authenticity-seekers. Though their selection is small, it’s more than made up for by the quality of these doughy dreams. Ours is a salsiccia e friarielli pizza every single time.

They have an online grocery store full of goodies, and even sell colourful cocktails in bottles.

Order from Fare on Slerp.

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