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7 times the TransferGo Customer Support team rocked

We’re always fond of feedback—it’s how we grow and evolve. So imagine our delight over the last couple of years at consistently receiving positive feedback from those that matter most—our customers.

Our TrustPilot score has sat comfortably at 4.8/5 and we’ve been rated ‘Excellent’ for quite some time now. And a lot of that is down to our incredible Customer Support team. 90% of our calls received are answered by our CS department within just 20 seconds. Now that’s good service. 

To celebrate the customer success stories we hear about in the office, we’re sharing some with you, too.

Here are 7 times the TransferGo Customer Support team rocked.

That time we helped a customer’s teenage son…

Our Lead UX Researcher, Simonas Skrebė remembers a time we helped a Polish family before the pandemic struck. “They were financially supporting their teenage son living in Ukraine. And like most teenagers, his requests for money were usually last-minute—like when he’d run out of milk, for example. 

“But the family didn’t like using Polish banks because of the language barrier. Thankfully, they were able to use TransferGo in native Ukrainian, and our ‘Now’ delivery option saved them a number of times when they needed to send money fast. They loved that their son was guaranteed to receive his money on time!”

That time we made a wedding happen…

They say your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life (if not, the most important). And we love the fact that we played a role in one of our customer’s special days.

Our VP Operations, Monika Snitke recalls, “I remember when a customer called us and asked us to execute his transfer faster since he needed to pay for his own wedding taking place that day. We didn’t have the ‘Now’ delivery option available, but obviously, we paid out as soon as possible. While also congratulating him, of course!’

That time we helped a customer buy a house…

Another major milestone in one’s life is purchasing a house. And we’ve been there for those moments, too. Our Senior Customer Support Specialist, Simona Penkauskaitė remembers a time when a customer was sending money to buy a property: “He needed money to be sent at a specific time once he’d put his signature on the document. So we had to arrange it with the Finance team and wait for the customer to call and give us the green light to send the money. He was so happy that we were able to arrange it and that the money was received successfully.”

Afterwards, the customer left us some memorable feedback. In a review, he wrote, “Wow. The best team I’ve ever done business with. Well done Team TransferGo!’ How lovely.

That time we were invited on holiday… 

Over the years, our customers have been so happy with our service that we’ve even been invited on a complimentary weekend break as a thank you. Naturally, we couldn’t and didn’t go but still, the offer itself was flattering.

Simona recalls, “The customer was so happy with our service and that we sent her money faster that she said to one of our Customer Support agents that they could come and stay in Palanga for the weekend for free! It was another funny moment for us.”

That time we made a friend…

Our Competence and Quality Assurance Specialist, Lauryna Grigaliunaite recalls a time when she got talking to a chatty customer from Nigeria: “He was a lovely man. Whenever he called, it was always me that somehow answered the phone. He remembered my name and would talk to me like I was a friend. He’d say, “Hi Lauryna, do you remember me?’” And I would say, “Yes, of course!” He had a couple of transfers in progress so we ended up chatting about 4 or 5 times over a couple of days. Thankfully, we managed to solve his issues super fast.”

This Nigerian customer isn’t an isolated case. Lauryna also recalls the time she got talking to a Lithuanian man with a very poor connection. She says, “Because there was a delay, we would take turns to communicate for a minute at the time. He asked his questions and then I’d have to wait for 10 seconds of silence before responding. But I took the time to answer his questions in full, and he did the same for me. The call lasted about 10 minutes, and we managed to process his first ever transfer later that day!’

That other time we made a friend… (yes, there have been many!)

Our User Researcher, Ieva Luneckaitė also has a few stories up her sleeve. She recalls the time she was talking to a Lithuanian customer working in Norway and wanted to send money to his wife living back home. “He called to ask when his money would be delivered and I told him it should be there by the end of the next day. In a few hours, he called me and asked the same question.

“I told him I remember talking to him and asked whether there was a problem and if he needed the money delivered faster. He said, “No, I know that TransferGo will deliver my money on time. I just miss talking to somebody in Lithuanian. You’re all so helpful and so I like to call and check in.” He then continued to tell me all about how he was building a house in Norway for someone really rich!” 

The TransferGo Customer Support team has that effect on people. Not only are they helpful, responsive and committed to delivering a quality service, but they’re super friendly, too. If you ever need assistance with our money transfers, you’ll soon see for yourself…


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