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A day in the life of our Customer Support team

It’s official. Our Customer Support department is the face of TransferGo. Why? People who work in this team are the first port of call for customers facing issues and needing our help.

At present, our multilingual Customer Support team comprises more than 60 individuals. In total, we offer support in 9 different languages—English, German, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Ukrainian, Romanian, Russian and Turkish—but don’t be surprised if someone answers your call in French, Spanish, Chinese or Korean sometimes too. Some of our specialists have additional super-powers, you see.

The main purpose of our Customer Support team is to help customers as quickly as possible with a solution that works for both sides. We’re ready to help via phone, email or chat (in some languages), so every customer can choose the most comfortable way to get in touch with us.

In our Customer Support department, we have some key performance indicators (KPIs) that we track. And what we’re doing in our daily work seems to be working—we’re currently rated 4.9/5 on TrustPilot. We try to respond to customers’ enquiries as fast as possible: our current average initial response time is 9 minutes via email, while 94% of our calls are answered within just 20 seconds. We also genuinely care about our customers and go the extra mile for them whenever possible. Customer satisfaction plays an important role for us.

Our Customer Support specialists come from different countries with different backgrounds, experiences and cultures—just like our customers. This helps them to have a better approach and understanding when dealing with daily tasks.

Finally, there are no stupid questions. We always encourage customers to reach out even if they’ve just finished the conversation with one of our specialists. We’re ready to answer any questions and help with any problem. After all, our customers always come first.

Curious to find out more? Here are a few words from our Customer Support specialists about the daily challenges they face…

George, Customer Support (Romanian)

A day in our department can be very interesting and fun. It can also be a bit challenging—but that’s just another aspect that makes it all the more interesting. During a regular day, you can end up doing a whole different array of things and helping customers via different channels such as e-mails, calls and chat, which I enjoy.

What I find most interesting is that you can talk to people from different walks of life, cultures and countries. And yet, we’re all connected by the need to send funds to friends and family. Obviously, there are moments that are a bit more challenging where something maybe isn’t working properly, but it just makes it even more rewarding when the customer is thanking you at the end of a call and understands the situation. For me, this is definitely the most rewarding aspect of my role.”

Arwid, Customer Support (Polish)

“Life in the Customer Support department never stands still. Most often it’s the customers who plan our day, which is why every day is different from the previous one. The most interesting thing is that our customers are scattered all over the world; they all have different values and views on life. Each conversation with a customer is different. Our team itself is also multicultural and multinational—you can get to know Ukraine, Latvia or Romania over your morning coffee.”

Inta, Customer Support (Latvia)

“Customer Support gives you an opportunity to learn new things constantly. It’s great explaining something quite complex in a way that sounds easier and more digestible to the customer. At first, it was pretty challenging offering support in a language of which I only understood a little at first. But with the help of my colleagues and sometimes with the great understanding of our customers, I have been able to help our Ukrainian-speaking customers too, which is great.” 

Oksana, Customer Support (Ukraine)

“One of the most important qualities for a customer specialist is an ability to understand people and a desire to help them. It’s fascinating how all of us constantly go the extra mile for our customers. I’d say it’s something you can’t be successful without in the Customer Support field. When it comes to dealing with clients, the most amazing thing is to see the result: grateful customers. It inspires me and keeps me going.”

Lina, Customer Support (English and Lithuanian)

“Working in Customer Support is quite a challenging, yet very rewarding experience. Even though the issues our clients face might initially seem the same, every case is different. Customers come from different cultures and backgrounds and things might get lost in translation, so it’s very important to find the common ground to make sure our customers get the best experience. For example, you might start the phone call discussing a difficult situation. But if you find the right way to approach the customer, the call will end in them thanking you and wishing you a good day. Getting to that point can be quite challenging. However, there’s nothing nicer than knowing that clients appreciate all of our efforts.”


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