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A sneak peek behind the scenes at TransferGo

Okay, so 2020 wasn’t the best of years. Here at TransferGo we faced challenges like everyone else, but we’re proud to say we didn’t have to make one single redundancy as a result of Covid-19. In fact, we’ve managed to expand our workforce to over 200 employees. A little look behind the scenes reveals we’re an ever-growing workforce with lots of projects on the go.

So who are the people that make up TransferGo? Just like our customers, we’re a diverse group. And while you normally only see the figures of our low-cost money transfers, we thought we’d introduce you to some of the figures who make it happen. Here’s a little delve behind the scenes. 

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What’s obvious from even just a handful of employees is that TransferGo is a company where your voice is heard. Oksana is from Ukraine, and started working for TransferGo after graduating from university in Lithuania. Like most employees she’s currently working from home, in Vilnius.

Starting off in Customer Support, she’s recently moved to Compliance. But whatever department she’s in, she feels listened to. “What’s different about TransferGo is the fact that you get instant feedback on your performance and the feeling that you can make a difference. For example, if you have a suggestion on how a certain procedure can be improved you can share it and it will be taken into consideration. That’s why I feel free to share my thoughts with others.”

Diverse and dynamic culture

Senior Marketing Analytics Manager Jemima, based in London, also loves the collaborative nature of working at TransferGo. “It’s great that we get to work with almost everyone across the whole business—from product and development to finance and marketing. There’s so much diversity working here—not just internally with our global team, but working for customers from Ukraine and Poland at 9am and India and Ghana by 12pm.” 

Keen to bust some myths about working with numbers, Jemima is enthusiastic about her role. “The data team is exciting. You hear ‘data’ and you might not think so, but it is. It’s my job to find new and interesting ways to show data, drive actions and make us a fast-moving proactive business, not just reactive. I love marketing analytics as it blends a geeky statistical side with creativity.”

Lockdown challenges

Being a fast-moving company can be tricky when the world is put on standstill, as it was at the start of last year. Helen, from Australia, has worked as Customer Support Team Lead since March, arriving in London “just in time for lockdown”. As far as her TransferGo career is concerned, working from home is all she’s known. 

Despite this, she loves the role and has still managed to form a great relationship with her team. “I have eight Romanian and five Turkish speakers reporting to me. It’s a busy and varied role—I really enjoy it. There’s lots of collaboration with the guys in Vilnius. Everyone is very supportive and we also have fun together.”

Helen has worked hard to overcome the challenges that the pandemic has brought to building a team remotely. “I’ve made sure I kept in touch with my team through lots of communication, one to one sessions and team huddles” (virtually speaking, of course). 

Long-distance relationships

Iurii is the Community Manager for Ukraine, although he’s now based in Warsaw. “I’m responsible for our social media channels (Facebook and Instagram), collaborations with influencers, communications with the migrant community and different partnerships that help to strengthen the TransferGo brand.”

What he loves about TransferGo is how it’s very much an international company. “It’s great that we have the opportunity to meet people from different countries. I really miss the meetings we would have in different places, for example in Istanbul and Berlin. They were really inspirational and a great chance to get to know each other better.”

Helping more people

Although travel is currently restricted, this is still a great time to be part of the company. As Jemima says, “TransferGo is at a very exciting stage. We’re expanding into new markets all the time, touching the lives of families and communities internationally.”

TransferGo’s mission from the start has been to help people send money more easily. And it resonates personally with Jemima. “It’s been especially heartening to see us expand into Nigeria, remembering all the ways my parents struggled to send money in the past. Now it’s become simple and instant with our solutions.”

Coping with change

Of course, being part of a rapidly evolving company has its challenges. As Oksana points out, “Sometimes the workload is overwhelming and you get tasks that you’ve never had to deal with before. This happens all the time because the company is growing, the product is changing and we need to implement new strategies and ways to cope with daily tasks.” 

Fortunately, she has some useful strategies to keep on top of things. “I always remember what the main goal is and what we want to achieve in the end. Also, a lot of coffee helps!”

Taking a break 

It’s not all about the work at TransferGo. Following last year’s Christmas party, Jemima is the proud reigning table-tennis champion of the London office. “Only because,” she admits modestly, “everyone else was too busy stuffing themselves with food and drink!” 

Helen, despite only having worked remotely so far, loves the “relaxed culture” of TransferGo. “When lockdown first happened we had drinks and a quiz and that was lots of fun because it was doing both of my favourite things—socialising and enjoying a wine!” 

For Iurii, flights being cancelled doesn’t mean he can’t keep doing what he loves—travelling. “I once walked 300 kilometers in 11 days, from Portugal to Spain. It was the best journey of my life!” And if you’re ever in the Polish capital, you know who to contact. “I love to walk a lot, so now I know all the parks in Warsaw and will happily be your guide.”

Pushing boundaries

TransferGo has ambitions to go far, and the same can be said for its workforce. “Here’s something people often find weird and funny about me,” says Oksana, “I’d like to travel to space one day, if possible!” 

Maybe it’s because of the space imagery seen on TransferGo designs, or the fact that employees affectionately call one another “Transfernauts”. Either way, it’s a fitting aspiration for someone working in a company that’s always reaching out to more people. 


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