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Living in a connected world has many benefits.  Mobile devices make it easier to stay in touch with friends, apply for jobs, pay our bills, get directions, and play games.  However one of the biggest advantages is the ability of our mobile devices to help us save money.  Here are six apps that you should download from the App Store now:



Almost 10 million people have downloaded the Trainline app which features an easy to use interface to view schedules, find platform information, get information about delays, and to buy tickets with either a credit or debit card. Using the app for advance purchases can save up to 43% and can be used to buy tickets up until 10 minutes before boarding. The apps also provide a mobile ticket for the routes that are equipped to accept them.  If you make the same journey frequently, you can save the information making repeat purchases a basically one-touch operation.



This handy app will save you money every time you visit the market. It allows you to find the best shop for purchasing a single item or for your entire list.  You can also scan products and compare prices in real time as well.  The app features regular “Savvy Buys” which has products at savings of at least 30%.  The app features a number of exclusive vouchers, which are personalised based on your shopping habits and which save money and can earn you cash back as well.  The mobile notification feature is particularly handy. This feature keeps you updated on sales on items that you purchase regularly and will send you real-time information on specials when you first enter the market.



This handy app was first seen on the Dragons Den. The app calculates fares from mini-cab companies throughout the UK and allows user to compare real time quotes, which are set by the mini-cab companies. Minicabit uses a UK-wide network to ensure users get the best deal. Often the best rates are from a company that is located some distance from your location, usually near your destination. Often these companies will decide that the round trip is worth it and provide a better rate than a nearby company. However, you must be prepared to wait a bit.

The app allows you to book executive and hybrid mini-cabs as well as taxis for up to eight passengers. It also allows you to request special items like a child seat or the need for wheelchair access.

There is also a live chat feature.



We previously mentioned the Mint app in one of our budgeting posts. Mint is basically an all-in-one money manager app.  You can use the app to pay bills, track investments and set-up and monitor your budget. The app securely links to your bank account and shows your spending patterns and cash on hand. You will also receive alerts if there is any suspicious activity on any of your linked accounts. The app is customisable and shows tips on how to save on fees and products.



FoodMatic Lite

FoodMatic Lite is an interesting app that helps you find creative uses for the items in your refrigerator or the pantry. This saves you money by helping you avoid waste or going to a restaurant because you “can’t find anything to eat” at home.

The app works by accessing a gigantic database of recipes based on the items you have on hand and how well they work together. You simply enter the items available and FoodMatic comes up with suggestions on what to make. The app will also suggest items that you can add to make your meal even better.

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We started TransferGo with a simple mission; to save our customers money on fees for sending money back home.  Our unique “local in, local out” structure means that we are able to offer fees that are up to 90% less than the traditional money transfer and to offer more savings and a eliminate surprises by quoting a fixed rate for foreign exchange. We also wanted to save our customers time. With the TransferGo app our customers can quickly and easily send money from anywhere at any time, and avoiding a trip to the bank or to one of the money transfer offices.



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