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Migrants in the UK – Australians

The UK is an incredibly rich and diverse country.  One of the contributors to the wealth of British culture and influence in the arts, science, technology, and many other areas is the diversity of the population. The UK is made up of residents from every corner of the world including Australia.

The former colony have a long standing history that dates back to the late 1700s when James Cook mapped the eastern coast of Australia and claimed it for Great Britain.  Since that time there has been a constant exchange of cultural and institutional ties.  The two countries have significant trade, investment, and security agreements.  Sporting competitions between the UK and Australia, such as The Ashes, highlight the friendly rivalry that exists.


There has also been a consistent exchange of people.It is estimated that over 1 million of Australia’s residents were born in Great Britain.  The number of Australians living in the UK has declined since their high point of around 400,000 in 2008. National statistics place the current Australian population in the UK at over 113,000.  The majority of the Aussies living in the UK reside in Earl’s Court, Kensington, Hammersmith, Fulham, Shepherds Bush and Putney. Less numbers have chosen Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland home.

One interesting aspect of the UK-to-Australia and the Australia-to-UK migrant patterns is that both have declined over the last decade. Part of this seems to be for economic reasons and seems to have a bit of ebb and flow based on the relative economic situation at the moment.

The close economic ties between the two countries contribute in large part to the number of Australians living in the UK. Others have been drawn to the country to pursue careers in the arts and entertainment, and for academic reasons.

Australia Day (26th of January) is celebrated throughout London and in many other UK cities.  Australia has excelled at many sports, which started in the UK, such as cricket. Therefore many Australians see The Ashes as an Australian celebration as well.

One outcome of such long-standing close cultural ties between the two countries is that many of national holidays and some festivals are celebrated in the UK as well. This allows citizens of either country to find typical celebrations for many traditional holidays.

nick cave

The list of notable Australians living in the UK is fairly impressive.  Singers Nick Cave, Vanessa Amorosi, Darren Hayes, and Dannii and Kylie Minogue, artist Francis Bacon; politicians Lynton Crosby, Patricia Hewit, and Natalie Bennett; along with a host of writers, businessmen, and sports figures are among the Australians that have called the UK home.


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