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Currency in India

In this instalment of the TransferGo Blog series on world currencies we explore currency in India along with a brief history of money in this developing country. India presents an interesting opportunity for economists to study a developing economy. Present day India is considered a mixed developing country, which means it has a mixture of...

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Finland currency

Currency in Finland Finland’s currency is the Euro, which is the currency of eighteen European countries including Germany and France. Having committed to the cross European currency in 2002, the country gave up control of its cashflow to the Central European Bank. While this means, on the one hand, that Finland exercises less influence over...

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How to deal with homesickness

Homesickness is a feeling that many people associate with children and young adults who are away from home to attend a camp or living away from home for the first time when they go off to university. Homesickness is also a fairly universal condition, with researchers suggesting that at least 70% of young adults and...

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FX Rate: What is it?

Today, more people are exposed to financial news, terms and events than perhaps at any other time in recent history. There are a number of reasons for this; the worldwide financial crisis, front page news stories which outline internal issues with major banks and a population that is more mobile and more concerned with their...

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10 colourful Polish phrases

One of the natural outgrowths of a more mobile and connected society is the exposure to new cultural ideas, customs, foods and language. One country that provides an interesting example of this type of cultural exchange is Poland. Polish immigrants are numerous throughout the world; in fact, the Polish are one of the largest nationalities...

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Greeks in the UK

Due in large part to its location, its long-standing reputation as a rich trading and commercial centre and world stature, the UK has long been a destination for immigrants from all parts of the world. Of all groups that have immigrated or settled in the UK, few have had the impact and longevity as have...

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