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Unique Halloween traditions from around the world

31st October is just around the corner. In some parts of the world this is just another day; in other places however, it’s a day of celebration and remembrance. To celebrate this unique holiday, we’re taking a look at some one-of-a-kind traditions taking place in different parts of the world: USA Halloween in America has...

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Currency Updates

Currency in Budapest

Budapest is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, a hive for tourists seeking to visit the two halves – Buda and Pest – which are separated by the gorgeous River Danube. For visitors to Budapest, the best advice is to get your forints in the country itself. Budapest is a city with natural...

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Migrant Life

How to get married abroad

Getting married – the most special day in a couple’s life. Not for many years now has this been limited to a trip to the local church or registry office. Although those options are still there and seeing a lovely ribbon-strewn vintage car amongst the roses and old stone of a classic church does indeed...

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TransferGo comes to China!

The team at TransferGo are toasting another triumph. Fresh off the back of celebrating our fifth birthday, expanding business to Germany and onboarding Renier Lemmens as our Chairman of the Board of Directors, we’re currently raising a glass to our latest venture – starting operations in China! The move further East comes in response to...

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Living Abroad

Cost of living in Spain

From Valencia to Madrid to Barcelona, Spain’s wealth of cities and beautiful rural towns make it a popular option for those looking to move abroad. People often move to find a better quality of life, to explore their entrepreneurial side, and in today’s circumstances, many migrants living in the UK are looking to escape the...

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India Updates: GDP slowdown, digital payment growth and employment number predictions

In this installment of TransferGo’s regular series of news and events from India, we look at the World Bank’s view on the country’s GDP, possible pesticide poisonings, the growth of digital payments and a somewhat bleak employment forecast. Slowdown in India’s economic growth an “aberration”   For the April-June period India’s GDP grew by 5.7%...

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