Obtaining a UK Work Visa

There is no doubt the UK is one of the most popular destinations for those looking to live and work in a new country. This popularity is fuelled in part by a relatively healthy economy, decent wages, a demand for workers in a wide range of business and industry, and a culture that, by and...

Living Abroad

Life Abroad: Berlin

Berlin holds a well-deserved ranking as one of the world’s great cities. Berlin offers something for everyone, whether they are visiting or looking to migrate, including a rich history, a strong arts and culture scene, great nightlife, and incredibly varied restaurants. Some Interesting Facts About Berlin Berlin’s shopping street, Kurfürstendamm, is world famous. There are...

Migrant Life

The spookiest places to send your money

With over 700,000 users and counting, you can send money all over the world with TransferGo. Now that Halloween is here, we started wondering, what are the spookiest places you can transfer money to? Here’s our top list: Hill of Crosses Celebrated as a place of peace, we can’t deny there’s something spooky about Lithuania’s...

Personal Finance

FX: Two Letters That Will Save You Money

If you hear the word ‘market’ and think of a street full of stalls then the foreign exchange market might be a bit of a surprise. But, if you’re sending money abroad, knowing about it could cost or save you a lot of money. The foreign exchange market (sometimes called the FX, forex or currency...