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Romania’s teacher crisis: unqualified teachers fill the shortfall

Thousands of unqualified teachers in Romania are making up for a drop in the number of people taking up teaching as a profession as low wages turn young people away. According to the Federation of Education Unions, Romania is the only country in the European Union (EU) in which unqualified teachers are officially part of...

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PayPal vs. TransferGo

Nowadays, people expect the digital services that they use to be fairly instant – whether it’s sending messages, ordering a new piece of clothing or transferring money. It’s 2017 after all: an impatient age where speed can trump service quality. However, some services just aren’t as fast (or instant) as we’d expect or hope; that...

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Romania: Continuing growth in profits and profitability

Few countries in Europe can boast the variety of tourism spots quite like Romania. From sandy Black Sea beaches to the fortified churches of Transylvania, from the ski slopes of Brasov to underground salt mines — Romania has a lot to offer, including great summer weather, and figures show that more people see the country...

Stephen McGrath

EU Commission sets sights on banks’ unfair rates

It’s fair to say that banks have rarely been noted as the guardians of consumer fairness. After all, they are businesses looking to turn a profit on their customers.  However, when it comes to the typically high costs that banks charge on cross-border currency transfers, (even between EU Member States) or on cash withdrawals to...

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International Trade

Cash is No Longer King

It’s 2017 and cash as we know it is in the twilight of its career as currency king. In fact, data shows that by 2026, around only 36% of people in the UK will be using cash at all. Even the traditional chip-and-pin card payments are starting to look rather old-age in a landscape of...

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