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Best romantic European city breaks

Valentine’s Day 2018 has now passed but that is no reason why the romance should stop. Why not take a look at some of our recommendations for romantic European city breaks for 2018 – any excuse for a holiday!


There is little doubt that Paris is the default choice for many when they think of a romantic getaway. While some of the allure of Paris as the city of romance has become a bit clichéd, the city still ranks extremely high on our city breaks for 2018 list. Strolls along the Seine, intimate candlelit dinners, looking over the city from atop the Eiffel Tower or visiting any of the numerous art galleries have all become iconic symbols of romance for a reason.


At the moment, Paris’ place atop the romantic cities list is fairly secure. However, many travel aficionados and travel consultants are pointing to Amsterdam as a strong contender for the top spot. Part of the romantic charm of Amsterdam is found in its relatively compact size which makes the tree-lined canals complete with gliding swans, small cafes with incredible views and flowers on almost every corner seem even more personal.


Rome has long been the setting for romantic films and books. Walking along the centuries old cobbled piazzas and enjoying the numerous fountains and millennia-old architecture and art lends a film set like atmosphere to a romantic getaway in the city. Additionally, the mild February weather contributes to the atmosphere allow couples to linger over dinner and drinks in the numerous open-air trattorias.


Iceland’s capital offers some of the world’s most dramatic landscapes and is well worth considering for a romantic Valentine’s break. Reykjavik is small with a population of just 150,000 and has a picturesque village like atmosphere. The landscapes include both the sea and mountains and the city has a nice selection of cosy and excellent restaurants. Cuddling in a hot tub and watching the northern lights is a popular winter activity.


For a romantic scenario, few activities equal the image of a couple enjoying a gondola ride down one of Venice’s quiet canals. Despite the crowds encountered at St. Mark’s basilica or on the Rialto Bridge, Venice is a relatively quiet city which can often give the illusion that the couple is enjoying a private retreat. Lots of quiet restaurants and cafes can be found along the twisting alleyways and the cultural and scenic attractions are among the top ten in Europe.


For those whose concept of “romance” falls outside of the stereotypes, Berlin is the perfect choice. The city is home to vibrant cutting-edge clubs, trendy restaurants and unique boutique hotels. For the more traditionally inclined, Berlin offers tree-lined river walks, quiet and beautiful parks and old-world and elegant hotels and restaurants; making it a great destination no matter the couple’s tastes.


Croatia continues to add to its reputation as one of Europe’s best holiday destinations. For those looking for a romantic Valentine’s break, Dubrovnik provides an excellent setting. Couples can stroll through the cobbled streets in the city’s Old Town surrounded by impressive Baroque stone buildings. Old Town also offers a nice choice of restaurants and cafes perfect for romantic candlelight meals. Outside the city’s medieval walls await trendy beaches, botanical gardens and some excellent wineries to complete the perfect Valentine’s break.


Florence is one of the Italy’s top wedding destinations attracting couples from around the world as well as from within Italy. Florence offers some of Italy’s most picturesque landscapes and is also the home of many of the world’s greatest art treasures. Florence offers something for everyone with world-class shopping, a thriving restaurant and nightlife scene, ample opportunity for casual exploring and romantic boat rides down the Arno.


The TransferGo Blog regularly publishes guides for our readers. Our suggestions for Valentine’s city breaks joins previous posts about Christmas markets, summer holidays, New Year’s breaks and recommendations for various regional restaurants.


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