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TransferGo is helping many business to grow by lowering the cost of there payments to suppliers and customers. Read to see how we are doing that but also many more informative articles for small business around the world.

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Doing business with India

As small businesses and entrepreneurs look to expand internationally, one of the more interesting and potentially promising locations is India. India presents a unique mix of potential and challenges. The economy is growing at a healthy pace and includes high-tech and low-tech enterprises. On the other hand, reports from various economic analysts suggest that the...


TransferGo named Startup of the Week by Startup Lithuania

It was a huge privilege to be named Startup of the Week by Startup Lithuania a few weeks back! After over five years of hard work, ambition, determination and ongoing growth and expansion, it’s always great to be recognised and celebrated – particularly by our own home country! In celebration of this honour, Aurelija Petrauskyte Latakė,...

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Currency in Budapest

Budapest is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, a hive for tourists seeking to visit the two halves – Buda and Pest – which are separated by the gorgeous River Danube. For visitors to Budapest, the best advice is to get your forints in the country itself. Budapest is a city with natural...

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PayPal vs. TransferGo

Nowadays, people expect the digital services that they use to be fairly instant – whether it’s sending messages, ordering a new piece of clothing or transferring money. It’s 2017 after all: an impatient age where speed can trump service quality. However, some services just aren’t as fast (or instant) as we’d expect or hope; that...

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Sterling’s rally loses steam as Euro fights back

As the dust from the German election still settles, Euro is fighting back amid political tension rising in Europe. With a controversial referendum having just taken place in the Catalonia region, Spain last Sunday, Euro is looking for stability, while ecodata hasn’t proved that favourable for the Eurozone currency as of lately. Yet, Sterling has...

Jim Makos
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Using Croatian currency for business and holiday planning

Many readers of the TransferGo Blog are entrepreneurs looking to expand or start their business in another country. Other readers are very happy with where they live, but enjoy travelling and spend a great deal of time planning holidays. There is one tool that is often overlooked in both business and holiday planning: exchange rates....

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