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Same-day money transfer delivery hack

Today, when you send your money abroad, you expect it to be on the recipient’s account at the speed of light. We can’t do light, yet, but, for the past two years, we have been successfully guaranteeing next business delivery for all of our clients. Reality is,  around 60% of our transfers are actually delivered on the very same day they were sent out.

That is a big wow, isn’t it?! Especially since we don’t ever charge extra for this. Do you want to be among the lucky 60% and have your transfer completed in only a few hours? We are here to show you how to crack our system nicely and enjoy your same-day delivery in only few easy steps.

Morning, Monika!

At TransferGo we believe in technology, but we also believe in people, especially in Monika! She is our gorgeous Head of Financial Operations, who is responsible for the smooth-running of all transactions.  A morning cup of coffee gives Monika not just a boost, but turns her into a superwoman. For instance, she warms up by reciting Pi to 200 digits, that she apparently knows by heart.

So, as you may have guessed, this is definitely the perfect time for you to send money, as Monika will finalise all transfers made before midday right away, with all that caffein-derived energy! Remember: mornings are good for many things and  money transfers are definitely one of them.

How does that (boring) stuff work?

Here are few points that might seems dull at first, but, once you tick them off, you will see transfers becoming even faster and same-day completion more realistic:

  • Have your recipient’s bank details ready
  • have YOUR details ready, especially regarding logging into you bank account, as you will need to make a local transfer to TransferGo’s account via your regular e-banking platform. The faster you transfer money, the sooner it will reach our recipient’s account.
  • If you are sending money for the second time, have your ID ready to upload. You can read more about ID’s upload here.
  • If you are sending money for the first time, but the amount is higher that GBP750, you should also have your ID ready. We really enjoy looking at pictures of you and a horse in countryside, or you presenting your passport in front of a mirror in an office  bathroom, but for the sake of regulations and, more importantly, the secure transfer of your money, we need to actually SEE your details, including name, surname, citizenship, etc. So please, share your amazing selfies on Facebook, and send us all those boring ID pics.
  • Have your documents ready! To be extra safe, when users send larger amounts, we ask them for additional documents, such as proof of address e.g. a bill for utilities. So, when you transfer big money (as there is no limit of daily transactions at TransferGo), photos or scans of this paper-work will be very appreciated.

At weekends, send love, not money.

This is quite an obvious one, but that’s the basics. TransferGo is not a bank; that’s why we move your money faster and cheaper. However, we are using bank accounts, and so do you, while making a local transfer. Our team of busy bees is working over the weekends, banks, unfortunately, are not. So bye-bye same day delivery on Saturdays and Sundays or on public holidays for now.

You know it all. So relax and give it a try: it’s your turn to become a hacker! Send your money here.


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