Deal of the Year! Earn a second salary by recommending TransferGo.

Deal of the Year is finally here!

Earn a second salary by recommending TransferGo. Get 1% from ALL transfers made by the referred users for an ENTIRE YEAR.

We are super-excited here at TransferGo that you guys love our service. We know that because significant amount of all new customers come as a reference from an existing customer. That’s amazing. Thank you so much.

For a few months we were thinking how to reward the referrers in the most meaningful and practical way. We’ve tested quite a few referral systems, accumulated quite a lot of your feedback, and now think we’ve got something amazing for you guys. The most simple and rewarding referral program we could come up with.

So it works like this.

All TransferGo users who have done at least one international transfer from the UK to Lithuania, Poland, Germany or Austria already have the new Referrals tab open on their TransferGo profile.


The system is very simple. Invite new friends to register and start using TransferGo with a special and unique referral code linked to your TransferGo account.


  • Share the unique link on Facebook
  • Share it to popular blog discussions, forums
  • Tell your friends who live and work in the UK
  • Send directly to friends who use expensive, slow, annoying bank services, Western Union, Moneygram or even fly the money back in cash
  • Print it and give it to your friends who are not yet TransferGo users
  • *Enter yours 🙂  You guys are creative. I’m positive you’ll find a better way to make more money

Here comes the amazing part. The referred person gets the first transfer for free and you will get 1% from ALL transfers made by the referred user for an ENTIRE YEAR.

I.e..: you invite 10 new users, who transfer £1000 per month each, that’s £100 straight to your pocket every single month for an entire year!

The number of users you can refer is unlimited. There is no limit to the amount of money you can claim as well.

The more active users you invite the more money you can claim straight into your bank account.


Cash reward is one thing but by recommending a good service you’ll help your fellow emigrants to save money time on international transfers from the UK to Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Austria and the entire Europe soon.

Helping others is the real reward, right?

For more information please refer to the Referrals section on your TransferGo profile.

P.S. All new referrals have to register by the 1st of September, 2013.


CEO @ TransferGo

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