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How TransferGo provides their employees with work flexibility

While talking about work flexibility, there are a few criteria that people usually mention. It’s mostly a discussion on flexible working hours and the option to work from home when required. But when it comes to flexibility, there’s oh-so much more to it—particularly at TransferGo.

But let’s first take a short step back…

The main things that are often discussed—flexible working hours and the option to WFH—do make up a significant part of TransferGo’s working culture. People in non-operational units who aren’t required to work certain hours can choose their own schedule completely.

Some people enjoy having longer evenings with their loved ones; others seem to enjoy an extra hour of sleep in the morning. And we’re alright with that—even if it’s not a permanent thing or just for one day. In case someone feels like shaking up their routine, we have a policy of informing everyone on Slack. So when we see a Slack message saying “starting early” at 5:30 a.m., it’s all good.

Office, first. Remote working, second.

In ‘normal’ conditions, we tend to work from the office 90% of the time (if not more). Of course, certain situations like the Covid-19 crisis means we have to adapt, but usually the TransferGo team tends to work from one of our six offices.

We’re people of a collaborative and communicative nature and we enjoy building great things together. But every single one of us sometimes has things to take care of at home that doesn’t warrant a full day off. That’s why our employees can exchange the office for their home office with some prior planning. And if something unexpected happens—employees have the option of Trust days that they can use without having to eat into their holidays.

Talking about holidays… 

This year is special for TransferGo as it marks the start of our trial for unlimited holidays. A lot of people ask us what it is and if it really does mean they can take 80% of the year off as holiday. Well, it’s not that radical. Rather, it’s more of a case of us not limiting people’s choice to take time off by taking away the restriction of specific holiday allowances. While it might sound difficult, it’s not—we have a great unlimited holiday policy ready. 

On the subject of holidays and flexibility, there are still lots of companies that require employees to plan their holidays a year in advance. This doesn’t give any room for flexibility; therefore our approach is a bit different. If our employees would like to take two weeks’ off, all they need to do is inform their manager a month in advance. But if they just need one day, they can let their manager know two days in advance. 

Other means of flexibility

In general flexibility is highly connected with making better decisions based on your personal preferences. For example, every employee at TransferGo is entitled to a training budget, which he or she has full control over. That means that every person has the autonomy to choose how to spend their allowance on professional development. Perhaps an additional foreign language course might help one individual; whilst another Transfernaut might benefit from a specific conference event so they can stay up to date with technologies. The options are endless (kind of).

The freedom for people to choose the way they work and make decisions is important to us. As is providing a sense of ownership and autonomy. That and having a team of mature professionals is the key to success—and delivering the best customer centric products in the market. So far, it’s working very well.


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