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Best Spanish words & phrases

While language is not universal, all languages share a number of common characteristics. One of the most common is the coining of expressions and sayings. This time the TransferGo Blog looks at some colourful and funny phrases in Spanish.

Comiendo moscas
This one translates as “eating flies”. Basically, it’s a colourful phrase that refers to someone who cannot stay on point when telling a story or one who speaks aimlessly.

Es el mismo perro con diferente collar
Most cultures have a phrase that refers to how someone’s basic nature rarely changes. This is the Spanish version which means “it’s the same dog with a different collar.”

Ponte las pilas
You will hear this phrase throughout Spain and Latin America. The literal translation is “put in your batteries” and basically means “wake up”, “pay attention” or “step it up.”

Se puso hasta las chanclas
Expressions that describe someone that has had too much to drink have a tendency to be colourful no matter what the language. “He put himself up to the flip-flops” is one of the Spanish phrases for drinking too much.

Me pica el bagre
This phrase means “the catfish is biting me” and is used to describe being very hungry.

Buena onda
Every culture has a phrase to indicate a person or place that gives off positive energy. The Spanish term is “Buena onda” with translates to “good wave.”

Corto de luces
Corto de luces is basically the same as “barmy.” The literal meaning is “short of lights.” The phrase is most commonly used in Mexico, but you will occasionally hear it in Spain and Latin America.

Querer es poder
This phrase translates as “wanting to is being able to” and is the Spanish version of the affirmation that hard work equal success.

No hay mal que por bien no venga
Spanish culture has a tendency to look for the positive. This phrase which translates as “There’s nothing bad that doesn’t occur in the name of a greater good” is basically the same as “every cloud has a silver lining.”

Despacio que tengo prisa
The advice that taking your time is usually more efficient and productive is fairly universal. This phrase which translates as “Slowly that I’m in a rush” is the Spanish version.

Tirar la casa por la ventana
This Spanish phrase is appropriate for the upcoming holiday season or for any time you wish to splurge on for a special occasion. The literal translation is “throw the house out of the window.”

De golosos y tragones, están llenos los panteones
Many Spanish sayings rhyme. This expression, which translates to “Cemeteries are full of greedy people” sounds better in Spanish. In short, it means that all excesses are harmful to health.

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