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How to… earn £10 every time you invite a friend

We’re proud to help you send money home with low fees, fast delivery, a safe and easy-to-use app, and loads of other things. Naturally, we talk about this stuff a lot. But what you might not know is that you can earn money every time you invite a friend.

This lesser known benefit to signing up to TransferGo helps you and your friends reap rewards for doing very little. So if your summer job’s been called off thanks to Covid-19, or you’re looking to make some more cash, it’s time for you to meet the TransferGo ‘invite a friend’ programme.

What is the TransferGo ‘invite a friend’ programme?

While our main goal is to give you a better way to send money abroad, we’re here to help you in other aspects of life—giving you tips on settling into a new country, helping you feel confident managing your money and, last but by no means least, helping you make money. And this is exactly what the ‘invite a friend’ programme does.

Here’s how.

When you invite a friend to sign up to TransferGo, you can make money. Essentially, the benefits are twofold: your friend finds a better way to make money transfers, and you both get £10.

So, when you invite just one person, TransferGo pays out £20. And you can invite as many friends as you like. It’s like an all-you-can-eat buffet, but for money transfers. Less tasty, but more exciting. Yum.

What’s the catch?, you say. Show me the small print!, you demand. For you, there’s no catch. Your friend just needs to send £50 to someone else in a different currency—which they’d probably need to do anyway, if you’re inviting the right kind of people. And they’ve got a whole 6 months to make their transfer—though the sooner they send, the sooner you both get your £10. 

How does it work?

First, you need to be signed up to TransferGo to invite a friend… or five. Not yet joined? Sign up here

All signed up? Let’s begin.

Tell your friends

Tell them that you (and 2 million other people) make money transfers which are likely to be cheaper, faster and safer than whichever method they’ve been using so far. Boom.

Not sure they’ll believe you? Mention the fact that we:

  • send money to 60+ countries
  • can get your money to some of them in 30 mins
  • can get your money to some of them for a £0 delivery fee
  • are rated 4.8 out of 5 on Trustpilot
  • aren’t usually this boastful

Share your invite code

Find your code in the Invite section of your account, both on web and in the app—then send it to your friends. You can do this straight from our website or app, via text, WhatsApp or social media.

Your friend signs up to TransferGo

Once your friend receives your invite code, all they need to is enter it when signing up for an account.

Your friend makes a transfer

They’ve signed up! Now, all they need to do is send £50 or more within 6 months to a different currency (so not EUR to EUR, for example). This can be £50 in one go, or a series of transfers which total £50—it’s totally up to them.

If they’re not sure how, take them through the steps: entering the amount, choosing a destination, adding a receiver, selecting a way to pay and confirming the transfer. It all happens in just a few clicks or taps.

And if they’re taking their sweet time, you can now send reminders from our app!

You collect your rewards

When they’ve transferred £50 or more, we’ll automatically deposit £10 into your, and their, TransferGo account—all you have to do is collect it! Go to the ‘Invite’ section to collect your money, which you can do by sending it to your bank account. 

Time to enjoy your extra cash! Yeah!

Who can I invite?

Send your invite code to colleagues, neighbours, family members, new friends, old friends, family friends, good friends, bad friends, Facebook friends.

In a nutshell, anyone with family, friends or business interests abroad and who might need to make a money transfer in the next 6 months (that’s how long they have to make their transfer, in order for you to get the rewards). 

FYI, we call it ‘invite a friend’, but you don’t actually have to be friends with the people you’re inviting. You don’t even have to like them.

Get started today! Invite a friend.


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