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How batch payments can help you and your business

At TransferGo we’re all about making life easier for you and your business. You want to save time and money and make your payment process a whole lot more efficient, right? Of course, you do. Which is why you’ll love our new batch payments feature.

What are batch payments? 

Paying everyone in your business individually is a drag. How great would it be to pay suppliers, employees, investors and freelancers all in one go? Well, now you can. With batch payments, multiple transfers can be processed at the same time, thus saving you a heap of hassle and time in the process. In fact, you can pay up to 50 people at once in 60+ currencies.

Are batch payments right for my business? 

Absolutely! Whether you’re a sole trader or the director of a larger company, there are lots of ways in which batch payments will help streamline your business. 

Pay salaries in one go

Let’s say you’re a logistics company owner and need to pay your fleet drivers every month. You can do this with batch payments—up to 50 in one go, in fact. You can pay different amounts to each driver, too. 

Make payments for multiple suppliers

Your suppliers may well be from different countries, in which case batch payments allow you to pay them all at once—you can reach 60+ currencies in one payment. 

Export payments from your accounting system

As a business owner, you may have accounting software which exports payments in a specific format. Batch payments allow you to import the payments without all the manual palaver. 

How do I use TransferGo batch payments? 

It’s simple—just follow these steps: 

  1. Select the ‘Batch payments’ option at the top of your TransferGo account page
  2. Choose the country you’re sending from.  
  3. Type in the details of new receivers—you’ll need their first and last name, bank details (IBAN or Credit / Debit card) and the country you’re sending to. 
  4. Enter the amount you want to send to each receiver, and in what currency
  5. Review your transfer summary.
  6. Click send!

So there you have it. With batch payments, you’re making money transfers for multiple receivers a lot more quickly and a lot more easily. It also helps with the organisation of your business, with automated payments easy to keep track of, manage and review. What’s not to like? 

Why not give our batch payments a go now—or set a reminder to use it on payday?

Happy transferring!


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