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Life Abroad: Krakow

This time the TransferGo Blog continues our series focusing on various cities throughout the world with a look at Krakow, Poland.

Krakow is an interesting mix of the ancient and modern. The city was founded around the Seventh Century, supposedly above a cave that served as the home of a dragon. It is now a vibrant industrial, cultural and historic centre.

Krakow at a Glance

  • Krakow is the second largest city in Poland and one of the oldest in the country. From the city’s beginnings in the Stone Age, Krakow has become an important economic hub and a centre for Polish academic, cultural, and artistic life.
  • Poland became a member of the European Union in 2007.
  • Poland’s currency is the zloty (zł). One euro is worth 4.2 zloty. Poland is expected to move to the euro by 2020.
  • Krakow’s population is slightly around 763,000. However when you consider the entire metropolitan area that number grows to 1.8 million.
  • The average monthly salary after taxes is 3,330.61 zł.

TransferGo Krakow Mile End

Where to Live

Krakow is a very ancient city and many of the buildings date back centuries. The metropolitan area is divided into 18 boroughs, each of which exercises a certain degree of autonomy in how the area is governed.

Average rent:

  • 1 bedroom apartment City Centre – 1,827.12 zł
  • 1 bedroom apartment outside of Centre – 1,384.13 zł
  • 3 bedroom apartment City Centre 3,193.94 zł
  • 3 bedroom apartment outside of Centre 2,280.00 zł

Things to Do

Krakow has activities and attractions to suit any interest. As mentioned above the city is an important cultural and academic centre which is reflected in the number of museums, libraries, and galleries found throughout the city.

The city’s long and rich history is evident in the numerous churches, Wawel Castle, and a mixture of ancient and modern architecture. The city has a number of markets including Rynek Główny, which is the largest market square in Europe.

Old Town is the city’s main hub for nightlife with hundreds of bars, nightclubs and restaurants located throughout the district. There are a number of apartments and residential areas within Old Town, although the amount of noise and activity take a while to adjust to.


Getting around Krakow is fairly easy. In some of the districts, especially Old Town, biking or walking is often the easiest mode of getting from one spot to another as large areas have been pedestrianised. Krakow does not have a subway system. The public transport system is very good with buses and trams running regularly. Trains connect the outer suburbs to the city centre.


  • One-way Ticket 3.80 zł
  • Monthly Pass 90.00 zł


Poland a compulsory state funded healthcare system with is available to all citizens and registered long-term residents. Doctors and medical staff are very well trained although it must be noted that there are currently not enough doctors to meet demand. Polish dentists are also very well trained and Poland has a growing reputation as a dental-tourism location thanks to lower prices than in most western counties.

The healthcare system is funded in part by the government as well by compulsory individual contribution equal to 8.5% of their gross salary.  

Private cover is also available and many residents purchase additional cover in order to shorten the waiting time that often occurs.

 Banking in Krakow

One of the first items of business you should take care of when you complete a move to Krakow is opening a bank account.  Having a Polish account makes it far easier to live and work in the city.

Polish banks have a very customer friendly attitude and most banks offer a number of low or no-cost banking options. Most banks will also allow you to open Euro accounts as well as zloty accounts.

Poland, and Krakow in particular, is a very popular spot for British and EU expats. Due to the large numbers of expats, most banks have at least one English speaking employee. Many of the larger UK and EU banks also have offices in the city.

The main banking area is in the city centre, although many banks have offices throughout the city. Most expats note that opening their account in the main banking area was easier due to the larger number of staff.  The process of opening an account is very simple.  The bank will ask to see your passport and for you to provide your permanent and mailing addresses.  No other documentation is normally required. Most banks will also allow you to receive statements via email.

The banks offer a wide range of services including credit and debit cards and currency exchange. TransferGo also serves those in Krakow with same day money transfers for only 99p.

Major Banks in Krakow

  • Krakowski Bank Spółdzielczy
  • Bank Spółdzielczy Rzemiosła w Krakowie Centrala
  • Bank Millennium SA placówka
  • Meritum
  • PKO Bank Polski S.A.
  • Getin Noble Bank S.A. Punkt obsługi klienta
  • Narodowy Bank Polski. Oddział okręgowy
  • Kraków II Oddział Santander Consumer Banku
  • Krakowski Bank Spółdzielczy O. Ruczaj-Zaborze
  • Krakowski Bank Spółdzielczy. Filia Bronowice Wielkie
  • Alior Bank – Oddział
  • Deutsche Bank PBC S.A. Oddział
  • Idea Bank SA



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