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How to meet new people in a new country

Moving to a new place can be stressful. In fact, many sociologists rank moving as one of the top three stressful situations we encounter. And the stress factor is even higher if you’re moving to a new country! In this installment, we list some tips and tricks for meeting new people in a new country.

Ask your friends


The world may be a huge place, but people are far more connected than ever before. Ask your friends or business contacts if they know anyone in your new home and ask them to introduce you to them. You can also gain valuable information if they’ve previously taken a holiday in your new location.


Explore and learn


Learn all you can about your new home. Explore the area, checking out not only the well-known landmarks and attractions but also the spots that primarily appeal to locals, such as parks for example. Learn all you can about the customs, history, politics and favourite pastimes. Also learn about the local cuisine. Asking a fellow diner for recommendations is a great way to interact with new people.

Be bold


Don’t be afraid to start up a conversation. Introducing yourself to neighbours or others you meet in your new home can be a bit intimidating at first, especially if you’re a bit introverted, but doing so can yield great results.

Be active


Whether you enjoy running, yoga or going to the gym, engaging in group activities is a great way to meet new people.

Join Meetup


Meetup is available in many parts of the world. Once you sign up as a member you can scan the site for meetings and activities that interest you. The “meetups” are designed by other members and cover an incredibly wide range of interests.

Find some ‘favourite’ spots


Be on the lookout for neighbourhood restaurants, coffee shops and stores that you like and become a “regular.” You’ll eventually begin to recognise other regulars, who will also begin to recognise you. This provides a natural opportunity for introducing yourself.



No matter where your new home is located there will be organisations looking for volunteers to help with a worthy cause. Applying your skills, knowledge and passion not only helps out but also provides an excellent way to meet like-minded individuals.

Accept invitations


If a new acquaintance or co-worker invites you to attend an event or gathering, look for reasons to say yes. They are probably inviting you because they think you would enjoy it and this should give you new opportunities to make friends.

Download Meet My Dog


As any dog owner knows, dogs are the ultimate icebreaker. Meet My Dog is a free-to-use app that allows you post a profile of your dog and you. The app shows you dog parks and walking trails and allows you to connect with neighbourhood dog owners. You also receive updates from those in your circle, along with updates on services and products in your area.

Take a class


Look for classes offered in your area. The type of class is not all that important, so it can range from learning a new language or skill to something more fun like learning to cook desserts and pastries.

Download Nearify


Nearify is not a direct meeting app, however it will provide you with a list of events in your area such as festivals, live music, film, theatre etc.

Stay in touch with your old friends


A feeling of loneliness is common when moving to a new home. So remember to regularly stay in touch with existing friends – email, Skype and Facebook are great ways to connect.


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