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Mexican migrants in the UK

One of the regular features of the TransferGo Blog is a look at the different nationalities that make the United Kingdom such a wonderfully diverse place to live and work.

In this instalment in the series we look at Mexican nationals living in the UK. Although the Mexican diaspora has been occurring for centuries and is very widespread, the UK has not been a popular destination for Mexican nationals to settle historically.

While Britons have immigrated to Mexico for literally hundreds of years, Mexican migration to the UK is less common. According to census and other estimates the number of Mexican-born nationals in the UK is less than 10,000.

To give you an example of how this number fits into the overall UK migrant population, Mexico ranks 102, just ahead of Lithuania. London is home to the largest number of Mexican nationals. A significant percentage of Mexicans living in the UK are students, which means that Cambridge, Oxford, Sheffield, Liverpool, Manchester and Warwick all have sizeable Mexican populations.

Mexican stereotypes typically point to their ability at manual labour and construction or the ability to cook, but Mexico is a growing economic power. This economic power is in part a contributor to the growth in the number of Mexican nationals in the UK as the two countries develop stronger trade relations. US President Donald Trump’s increasingly incendiary comments about Mexicans and threats to cut trade with the country, have led to stronger trade relations between Mexico and other countries, making increased trade with the UK and increased immigration a possibility.

Although the Mexican population in the UK is relatively small, it is active. A number of Mexican-run associations and clubs, include the long-standing British Mexican Society, MexSoc UK, and Exatec UK, along with only the second Mexican Chamber of Commerce office outside of Mexico, are located in the UK.

Some Notable Mexican Britons

Dhani Harrison – The musician is the son of George and Olivia Harrison. His mother is of Mexican descent.

Liliana Domínguez – The model came to the UK at 15 after being discovered by a British modelling agent. She has appeared on the cover of Vogue, ELLE, and Glamour and modelled for Dolce & Gabbana, Roberto Calavlli, and Kenneth Cole.

Antonio Pedroza – The professional footballer was born in Chester. His mother is English; his father is Mexican.

Juan Solari – Solari is the owner of a British-based production company as well as an actor, voice-over artist, video journalist and director. Solari was born in Mexico.  


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