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Migrants in the UK

Migrants in the UK – South African

The UK is a wonderfully diverse country with residents from many parts of the world making their contributions to British culture and society. In this installment of the TransferGo Blog’s continuing series on migrants in the UK, we look at those migrants from South Africa. Historical ties between South Africa and Great Britain The connections...

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Life Abroad: Bucharest

Another of the regular features of the TransferGo Blog is our Life Abroad series, which serves as an introduction to various cities around the world. In this installment we look at the city that was once called “Little Paris”: Bucharest. History By European standards, Bucharest is a fairly new city which was founded in the...

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The Spice of Life

Moving to a new country is an enormous challenge for anybody. Getting used to the different cultures, expectations and traditions can make a person feel isolated. However, one of the ways in which newcomers to Britain can remind themselves of home is through the huge range of restaurants to be found widely throughout the country....

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Life Abroad: Warsaw

One of the many regular TransferGo Blog series is our “Life Abroad” articles.  TransferGo was originally founded to help those living in other countries send money back home.  Today’s population is more mobile than at any time in history and, seemingly, a bit more adventurous as people move not only for work but also just...

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Migrants in the UK

10 of the Best Polish Restaurants in UK

The internet has played a major role in the rise of the “foodie”.  It is almost impossible to go to out for a meal without seeing someone taking a pic of their food for a social media post.  The internet has also been a major force in promoting the, often fictitious, miracle of a particular...

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Life Abroad: Oslo

For this instalment of the TransferGo Blog we continue our series of Life Abroad articles. The Life Abroad series is designed to give our readers a brief introduction to life in other cities. Part of the impetus for the Life Abroad series is the fact that today’s population is far more mobile than at any...