New features: receiver amount and transfer instructions

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Lately TransferGo team has been busy updating the website. Over the course of 5 months we have received a lot of great feedback from you guys. Thanks for all the great endorsements but also for the critique. It helps us improve and grow even faster.

Based on your feedback we have introduced several new features to the site. I’d like to spend a few moments to share them with you.

1. At last you’ll be able to choose a specific amount the receiver will receive straight from the main page. All you have to do is Send Money. As always TransferGo will calculate and include all fees in the amount needed to transfer locally.

Screen Shot 2013-06-10 at 16.07.58

This feature will work great for everyone paying for goods and services back home, returning a loan to friends and family and in other instances when you need to send a specific amount.

2. We have updated the Local Transfer instructions table. Now it shows exactly by when we guarantee that the recipient will receive the money based on when we’ll receive the deposit from you.


Screen Shot 2013-06-10 at 16.13.40


Now you’ll be 100% calm about your money and when it’s going to reach the recipient.


We are now working on a brand new Referral Program with an absolutely amazing offer. It’s going to be called the 1/1.

Keep your eyes open. This summer you’ll be able to earn lots of money by recommending TransferGo.




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