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Sterling consolidates as Euro makes new multi-year highs

Sterling’s decline paused last week, allowing a glimmer of hope to investors for a much-needed rebound. Euro’s climb, though, continued uncontested for another week, printing new multi-year highs against the US dollar. Can we pick the rally’s top that will probably allow some breathing room to Sterling? Below, we investigate the economic news and the...

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Living Abroad Migrant Life

Life Abroad: Delhi

The expression ‘it’s a small world’ seems to be more apt than ever. In today’s world, taking the step to move to another country is fairly commonplace. The mobile society we live in is constantly allowing for more flexibility in terms of global connectivity and is one of the reasons behind the TransferGo Blog’s Life Aboard series....

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Is AI the way ahead for finance institutions?

There is rapid growth in the use of AI block chain technology, creating a secure and complete record of transactions, including cross border ones. At the same time, the use of Chatbots and other AI as an interface with the public is also on the rise. Swift has been one of the agencies to include...

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Doing business with Turkey

A number of consultants and analysts who work with small to medium-sized businesses (SMEs) recommend doing business on an international level as one of the keys to success. Entrepreneurs are often willing to explore setting up a new business in another country to take advantage of the attractive supply and demand opportunities and favourable economic...

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A Chocolate Orange, 2019 Holiday Disruptions and Calls for Brexit Re-think

The second week of negotiations between the UK and the EU to settle the details of the UK exit from the EU has ended with little real progress. Both sides do agree that some progress has been made, however no real agreements have been reached, particularly in the key areas of citizen’s rights and the...

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TransferGo announced as MoneyAge Awards finalist

We are incredibly proud to announce that we have been shortlisted for the MoneyAge Awards in the Money Transfer Provider of the Year category. As a money transfer provider, we understand the value of being able to send money quickly across borders without expensive costs. That’s why our customers choose to be part of the...

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