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Sterling’s downtrend steepens after UK General Election

A weakening majority for the Conservative Party and a hung parliament for the UK resulted to Sterling’s downtrend steepening last week as the General Election results confirmed the worst scenario of recent polling data. Euro also had a negative week against its American counterpart but it’s more of a correction during its 10-week rally. Can...

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Migrant Crisis Podcast

UK Election Special

In the run up to the UK Election on the 8th June, the Migrant Crisis Podcast takes a look at what the Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat parties have to offer. Pre-recorded from a room in East Berlin, Mike Meehall Wood and Sophie Pornschlegel discuss the recent terror attacks in England and compare the migration...

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Migrant Life Migrants in the UK

The Spice of Life

Moving to a new country is an enormous challenge for anybody. Getting used to the different cultures, expectations and traditions can make a person feel isolated. However, one of the ways in which newcomers to Britain can remind themselves of home is through the huge range of restaurants to be found widely throughout the country....

Business Currency Updates

Sterling’s Dip Continues Before General Election

As Euro strengthened last week on positive ecodata coming from Greece, Sterling continued slipping lower against Eurozone’s currency. The slippage comes just a few days before Thursday’s vote, when Conservatives’ majority, if not victory, is predicted. We expect volatility to peak on Thursday, not only because of the General Election but also due to European...

Jim Makos
International Trade

Doing Business in Italy

It is no secret that TransferGo is avid supporters of SMEs (small to medium sized enterprises).  Our support is one of the reasons why we have a team of customer service reps that are specially trained to deal with the unique transfer needs of our SME customers.  It is also one of the reasons why...

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Living Abroad

Life Abroad: Warsaw

One of the many regular TransferGo Blog series is our “Life Abroad” articles.  TransferGo was originally founded to help those living in other countries send money back home.  Today’s population is more mobile than at any time in history and, seemingly, a bit more adventurous as people move not only for work but also just...

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