Migrants in the UK

Migrants: Dutch in the UK

The topic of immigration has long dominated the headlines in the UK.  Despite what some are lead to believe, immigration has been a topic of discussion in Great Britain for almost a century.  The UK has an incredibly rich and diverse culture. A great deal of the cultural diversity is a direct result of the...

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10 Famous Immigrants in UK

Over the past few months, the TransferGo blog has published a number of customer profiles which include those who have come to the UK to work and to study. We have profiled users who came to the UK to work for a short time, but have instead opted to remain in the UK and start...

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Migration Maps around Europe

Early in April, theoccupiedtimes.org published the following piece on migration  and a specific focus on the routes migrants take trying to reach on a safer place. Here in TransferGo, we came in contact with the author of the article in The Occupied Times, Djordje Balmazovic and asked permission to republish it on our blog as...

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Currency Updates

EU Referendum to Overshadow GBP and EURO Weekly Data

Economic reports and financial data always seem to drive prices in foreign exchange. Yet, there are times when this data is overshadowed by a much more impactful event, such as the EU Referendum that is taking place on Thursday. Sterling and Euro are set for a mammoth volatile week and it won’t be due to...

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Personal Finance

How to Save Money Without Paying the TV License

A regular theme in TransferGo’s personal finance blog post is the importance of budgeting and ways to save money. Advances in technology often open the door to substantial savings, such as TransferGo’s low cost money transfer options and with regular expenses such as your TV license. In order to watch live TV a TV license...

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How to Open a Business in the UK

A great deal has been written about the importance of immigrant workers in the UK. The UK is also very entrepreneur friendly, which leads to many moving to the country with the express purpose of starting their own business. These small and middle-sized businesses (known as SMEs) play an important role in the economic health...

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