Guides: IBAN Codes – What are they?

Technological advances, an ever increasingly global economy, and a highly mobile workforce all influence society in a number of mostly beneficial ways.  However, all innovations and societal changes present new challenges which must be addressed. In the world of banking, the factors listed above, have made it necessary for systems to be put in place...

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Case Studies

TransferGo Business Client Profile: Fenypost

Since its inception, TransferGo has served migrant workers who are sending money back home to help their families or to pay bills in their home country.  However, it did not take businesses operating in multiple countries long to discover that TransferGo provided the perfect solution for receiving and making payments in multiple currencies.  TransferGo’s business...

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Meet our newest feature: TransferGo Now

We at TransferGo are always listening to our consumers’ needs and feedback, which we consider when we create new features and improve our service. Our newest, most exciting improvement is more delivery time options for transfers from the UK to Poland. With our Today and Now options, you can choose a preferred delivery time for...

Currency Updates

Euro hit by GDP growth data as Sterling sits unaffected at 1.27

Sterling exchange rate didn’t fluctuate much the previous week, against neither the Euro nor the US dollar. Volatility is expected to somewhat increase this week, due to affecting economic announcements, such as inflation rate results for both UK and Eurozone as well as the unemployment rate for UK, but not much. GBP The British Pound...

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Innovative Finance Annual Report

Innovate Finance recently held their 2016 Global Summit in London.  The summit drew 1400 attendees from the FinTech (financial technology) community ranging from new startups to established financial concerns.  Those attending participated in workshops, roundtable discussions, and presentations to exchange ideas on the opportunities, concerns, and future of the global FinTech marketplace. Innovate Finance is...

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Migrant Life

International Money Transfers: When is the Right Time?

Transferring money to another country can be a bit frustrating at times. Sending money overseas is becoming more and more commonplace as workers send money back home to family members and to pay bills, and expats make transfers to pay expenses or to make large purchases such as homes.  At one point being a “multinational”...

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