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Romanians in Spain: Sending money home is now easier than ever…

Sending money home to loved ones is a necessity for many Romanians living in Spain. Not only is it now possible to do this, but thanks to TransferGo’s new Economy Delivery option, Romanians are also able to do so without any transfer fees.

Adapted to the needs of Romanian’s living and abroad, this new option allows Romanian people to support their families or pay mortgages back home with TransferGo, which offers the fastest online money transfers – much cheaper than banks (and also without the hidden costs).

Daumantas Dvilinskas, CEO and co-founder of TransferGo says, “The need to send money home is a common situation for migrants. This is why we offer the best online money transfer methods. With the Economy option, which has zero commission for online money transfers, we support Romanians in Spain by making it easier to send money home.”

Over the years, Romanian communities abroad have grown, becoming some of the largest in Europe (currently, Romanians represent one of the largest immigrant communities in Spain). As they seek a better life abroad, TransferGo gets closer to them through the most competitive money transfer services, allowing them to send money home for low costs.

“There are many good things to say about Romanians living abroad. But perhaps the most important thing is that their homesickness unites them in strong communities. Romanians do not forget where they are from, and this is proven by the money they send home. Having left their native country, they are making efforts to financially support their families back in Romania. TransferGo understands this reality and supports them with online money transfer services at very low costs”, says Marius Nedelcu, Country Manager of TransferGo Romania.

As part of a strategy to become even closer to Romanians abroad, TransferGo started a collaboration this year with Andra, one of Romania’s most popular artists. The partnership was formed in a bid to support Romanian communities living abroad.

Did you know?

In 2016, Romanian migrants sent over 22 million euros to Romania through TransferGo, thus saving up to 90% in transfer costs. In less than four years, TransferGo has gained the trust of over 200,000 migrants (of whom 50,000 are Romanians), reaching over one million international transfers between 45 countries. TransferGo customers managed to save over 8 million euros compared to traditional money transfer methods.

About TransferGo

TransferGo is an international start-up company offering fast and cost-effective money transfers to people who want to send money back to their families without paying excessive bank fees. The company was founded in 2012 in Lithuania and is currently headquartered in London, UK.

TransferGo operates in 45 countries worldwide. Using the innovative system of TransferGo, migrants can transfer money abroad using a digital account-to-account settlement model, which means that money does not have to leave the country as funds are paid in and out locally. The sender simply makes a local transaction into their TransferGo bank account from the same country and the company pays out locally in their chosen destination country.

TransferGo has been active on the Romanian market since June 2015.

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