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Send money from the sofa: the 7 benefits of online transfers

Picture this: it’s a lovely Tuesday, the sun’s shining and you’ve got lots of free time on your hands. So you walk for 20 minutes and join a beautiful queue of people who, like you, are waiting to send money to their families back home.

But let’s be honest—when is the sun ever shining at this time of year for more than 2 minutes? And most of us have to work while the banks and kiosks are open. So the scenario above, though tempting, isn’t anything like reality. 

Imagine, then, that you can send money to family from work, or… from your sofa. It’s like WFH (working from home). But better. And possibly more productive. These easy transfers are a reality with TransferGo.

Read on to find out why our sofa-friendly, child-friendly, wallet-friendly money transfers are so convenient that we’ve got over 2 million people making them.

1) Send money from home

Unwell, can’t walk easily, have home commitments like kids or dogs, or just don’t feel like leaving the house today? Online money transfers are your best friend. We choose to do it on the sofa with a coffee in one hand and the TransferGo app open on our phone in the other. And a packet of biscuits because… biscuits.

2) Send money day or night

Don’t be at the mercy of bank opening hours—send money abroad when you want to. So if you’re busy working all day or looking after the kids, you don’t need to panic when the clock nears 5pm. You can open up our app or visit our website from the bus, at home, at work, at play—at whatever time suits you.

3) Skip the queues

We’re not fans. Technology helps us spend more time doing what we love (meeting up with friends, talking to family, endlessly watching videos of animals hugging each other) and less time doing what we dislike. And for us, that’s queueing up for someone else to send our money abroad—when we could do it ourselves from home in half the time and at a fraction of the cost. 

4) Avoid the small talk

Not confident speaking another language, or just can’t face constant small talk to make one simple transfer? We know the feeling. Save face-to-face conversations for friends and family—and do the money stuff online, safely and securely. Ahhh. Peace.

5) Dodge the rain

If you’re in Northern Europe, you’ll know what we mean. It’s not just long queues, bad rates and expensive fees you’ll be dodging—it’s that damn rain, too. Put the umbrella away and stay indoors. It’s much cosier. 

6) Leave your ID at home

Gone to transfer money at a bank or newsagent and forgotten your ID? An easy, but frustrating, mistake to make. Say bye to the red face, the time wasted and the instant regret. At home, your driving licence is probably just 3 metres away, in the drawer next to the front door. That one with takeaway menus and dusty old sweets in. Plus, we’ll only ask you for ID once—so if you’ve already done our ID verification, you can go ahead and make your transfers. That’s it.

7) Be at home when it arrives (if you want)

If you’ve made a transfer from home and it’s a fast one—money delivered in 30 minutes, or later that afternoon—you may still be at home when your money reaches the receiver. Great for keeping an eye on it in peace. Also great for answering the ‘thank you’ phone call and chatting all night long. Just saying.


So, if you want to send money from home (at home, on the bus or wherever you are), we’re here to help. Sign up today for easy online money transfers.


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