Start sending to Russia!

Get the balloons and party poppers ready because we’ve started business operations in Russia!

Since expanding business to Germany and China we’ve seen large growth and an increasing number of customers sending money to new locations worldwide.

We wanted to continue in helping you get the best service and price possible for your money transfer needs, which is why we decided to make the move to Russia.

The move eastwards comes in response to the vast increase in money flow of over $1bn into Russia since 2016 from countries that we cover, including Germany, Lithuania, Poland, Latvia, Spain and Italy. With over 600,000 Russian migrants in Europe that can benefit from our service, we’re always looking for ways we can support you and meet your financial needs. Our latest service means you will be able to transfer money to Russia within one day.

Customers are already able to transfer money to Ukraine, China and Poland with TransferGo, but our expansion into Russia signals our continuing growth and strengthening our ties within Europe. We now operate in 47 countries and our fast low-cost money transfers are becoming increasingly popular in more and more countries. On top of that, we already have Russian customer care support and the website in Russian, so customers will get a fully localised experience.

Daumantas Dvilinskas, chief executive of TransferGo explains; “We’re really proud of the fact that TransferGo is going from strength to strength and can now be there for the Russian migrant community. Like existing customers, those now sending to Russia can be sure that their hard-earned money can go further.”

We’re super excited about this new venture, and can’t wait to see the positive results surrounding the new destination! Watch this space.


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