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6 reasons why studying abroad is the best decision you’ll ever make

Thinking about studying abroad? You’re in for a whirlwind adventure. Here’s why you’ll get a better kind of higher education studying away from home.

1. Freedom to experiment

Away from the confines of your home town, old enough to look after yourself and there’s no curfew. Pretty liberating, isn’t it? Time to enjoy a new town, a fresh start and the freedom to rediscover yourself. 

Modern, nomadic life means that, nowadays, we get a second chance to be the person we want to be. So shake off any doubts from the past, try new things, get that haircut and dive head first into your international adventure. 

Carpe diem, with no regrets!

2. Take a culture trip

As well as a new language, a new lifestyle awaits. From ancient traditions to modern music, the finest pierogi in Poznań and the best cocktail bars in Cardiff, the new place you call home offers a whole host of opportunities.

Busy studying during the day, but at a loose end when the sun goes down? Use your evenings to walk around town, especially if the weather’s pleasant. Many museums across the world stay open late with free entry for students, and university faculties organise events and socials—think film clubs, drinks evenings and walking tours. 

Student groups even organise holidays to different areas of the country. If you can afford it, this is a great way to make new friends—and the planning will be done for you. All you have to do is take in your surroundings.

Think of your time abroad as a productive holiday. 

3. Your boss will love it

Get ahead in your career before you’ve even started it. A few months studying or working abroad will look great on your CV, showing employers that you’re open-minded, determined to get what you want and willing to travel to make your dreams come true.

And going it alone is testament to your independence—a quality highly valued by those looking to employ the best graduates. Studying in another language requires some fierce linguistic skills. It’s proof that you can do a lot better than ‘Hello. One beer, please’ (however handy that may be). Which brings us on to our next point. 

It’s not about beer. Sadly.

4. Learn a foreign language

And we’re not just talking about the language native to the country you’re travelling to. If you’re studying abroad, the chances are that thousands of others from around the world are doing the same. 

Our Copywriter, Francesca, spent 2011 studying abroad and ended up with a lot more than just Italian friends: “Most of the people I met while studying in Turin and Santiago were international—from Mexico, Germany, Macedonia, India, Romania and lots of other places. It gave me the chance to learn foreign phrases, songs, recipes and even life lessons that I’d never have known otherwise.” 

5. You’ll make friends for life

You’re in the same boat as other foreign students and united by both the good (adventures, parties) and the bad (running out of money, getting ill). This is what real friendships are made of. The bond you create when you help each other through difficult times, or celebrate the small successes of your travels, is everlasting. 

“Some of my ‘year abroad’ friends even came to my wedding, and we have a WhatsApp group that we regularly chat in”, says Francesca.

6. Serious career points

Finally, if the last year of your studies is spent abroad, you may well be faced with a challenge when you graduate: stay or go? 

Many students at foreign universities choose to pursue their career in the country they’ve studied in, with the hope that they’ll eventually land their dream job. In many cases, this is true—and it’s exactly what happened for two of TransferGo’s founders!

So, as well as living in the moment, also give some importance to ‘future you’. When you’re knee-deep in nappies or land yourself a job with little time off, you’ll be pleased that you took time for yourself earlier on. You’ll look back on your time studying abroad with a smile—and plenty of intriguing stories to tell.

But for now, start packing your bags—your adventure awaits!


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