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The best things about living in Poland

Ah, Poland. Not only is it one of our biggest markets, but the European country is steeped in history and home to beautiful scenery. So if you’re contemplating living in Poland, wise move.

We recently explored some fun facts about Poland. And today, we’re looking at the best things about living there.

Here are some of the highlights of living in Poland. 

It won’t cost you much

Living in Poland is a lot cheaper than living in Western Europe. Everything from public transport to eating out is all very affordable. The accommodation is reasonable too (even in cities like Warsaw) and there’s a wide variety of options. From small apartments to large detached houses, you’re spoilt for choice.

One of the only things that might cost you more in Poland is petrol. But hey, that’s another good excuse to make use of its inexpensive public transport. In fact, many residents of Poland don’t own a car at all.

It provides excellent travel opportunities 

Living in Poland provides a great opportunity to travel around the rest of Europe. From the main cities in Poland, you can easily access the country’s neighbouring nations including Germany, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Russia, Lithuania and Belarus. 

And it’s cheap to travel too! Poland’s handy location means you can reach these countries by affordable buses and trains. Not that flights are a major expensive these days. Thanks to the many low-cost airlines that travel in and out of Poland, you’ll be able to visit the rest of Europe by plane without having to pay a fortune. (Just remember to double-check the latest Covid-19 travel restrictions first). 

It’s on its way up

Economic growth in Poland is continually on the rise. Every day sees the construction of new roads, buildings, hotels and restaurants. As a result of this growth, new jobs are being created, unemployment is low and salaries are on their way up. 

In fact, finding a high-paying job in Poland is relatively easy compared to the challenges faced in other European countries. Being able to speak Polish at a good level and having the necessary skills is often enough to enter the field of your choice. It’s no wonder then that Poland is often ranked as one of the best places to live and work on the HSBC Expat survey

You’re bound to have fun there

Polish people are generally very friendly, polite and willing to help. So you’ll hopefully find no difficulty in making some new friends. And the country is relatively safe too. As with any major country, petty crime exists but generally, it’s a very safe country to live in. 

And once you’ve made some new connections, you’re in for a treat when it comes to hanging out with them. Thanks to the country’s excellent food, dining out has never been so much fun. From bigos (cabbage stew) to schabowy (pork breaded cutlet), its traditional dishes are delicious. You’ll also have many opportunities to soak up some culture. Poland is home to many museums and monuments and local live music venues cater to many genres—from house to heavy metal. 

But of course, you don’t need company to enjoy these things. With their historical buildings, Polish cities are a marvel to look at so you might prefer to soak them up solo. Navigating their streets on foot is a great way to spend your weekend, after all. Enjoy!


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