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The many employees with exciting TransferGo career journeys

Here at TransferGo, we’ve just hit a major milestone. We have officially hired our… *drum roll please*… 300th employee!

This is a major moment for Team TransferGo. As we approach our 10th birthday in a couple of months, we’re particularly proud of our team growth and the growth within each of our teams. Some of our employees have been here years and some, just a matter of months, weeks or days. And in the last decade, we’ve seen many well-deserved job promotions.

So many individuals deserve a special shout-out for their career progressions here. But we can’t name them all so today, we’re selecting just a few.

Here are 13 of the many employees with exciting TransferGo career journeys.

Anna Harmash

In just over four and a half years, Anna has had three well-deserved promotions. She started out as a Customer Support Specialist and was promoted to Senior Customer Support Specialist before becoming Team Lead. Since October last year, she is our Head of Customer Support. Bravo Anna!

Marius Nedelcu

Marius is a key player here at TransferGo, having joined Team TransferGo over six years ago as Growth Manager for Romania. He then quickly progressed to our Head of Growth and later to Director of Brand Marketing & Market Expansion. Today, he’s our Chief Marketing Officer. A round of applause for Marius!

Senem Erguvenoglu 

Senem is a force. Almost four years ago, she joined our team as Growth Manager and quickly advanced to Regional Growth Manager. Today, she’s our Director of Brand Marketing and doing a stellar job. Great work, Senem!

Oksana Viltsaniuk 

It’s almost hard to believe that Oksana joined Team TransferGo a little over three years ago as a Customer Support Specialist. Since then, she’s had a career transformation. After switching roles to become Associate Compliance AML Analyst, Oksana was later promoted to Compliance AML Analyst. Today, she’s our Compliance AML Manager. Now that’s an impressive career journey!

Irma Dambrauskė

Irma started working at TransferGo over three years ago as HR Business Partner. Within just 6 months, she was promoted to People Operations Manager. Just over a year later, she was promoted again to Global Head of People Experience. And another year after that, she became our Director of People. Phew! Now that’s impressive.

Ausra Susinskaite 

In September 2019, Ausra joined our London office as Office Manager and quickly became an integral part of our culture. Her hard work, positivity and great ideas led the team through a pandemic and in June 2020, she was promoted to People Experience Specialist. In January this year, she was promoted again to L&D Partner. Way to go, Ausra!

Justyna Malevska

Having joined our team almost seven years ago, Justyna is one of our longest-serving employees. She originally started as a Customer Care Specialist before being promoted to Senior Customer Care Specialist. After that, she was promoted again to Customer Support Trainer and later became Team Lead. Today, she’s our Head of Customer Operations. How amazing is that?

Karolis Pazera

It’ll be five years in November that Karolis first joined TransferGo. Since then, he’s had a whopping five promotions! He started out as Financial Operations Specialist before becoming a Senior Financial Operations Specialist. He later became Senior Liquidity Operations Analyst, then Senior Treasury Operations Analyst and then Finance Operations Project Manager. Today, he’s our Head of Finance Operations (Projects). What an inspiration!

Ruta Vainore

A little over three years ago, Ruta joined our team as FP&A Reporting Analyst, working in our Vilnius head office. After 19 months, she was deservedly promoted to FP&A Reporting Manager. Today? She’s our Head of FP&A. Fantastic job, Ruta! You’ve earned it!

Povilas Ciuplys

Our Chief Customer Officer has been here less than three years but what a mark he’s made already. When he joined in 2019, he was Customer Support Director and he did a fantastic job! He later became our VP Operations Customer Services. In August 2021, he was promoted to his current position and now leads a team of 95 people. Wow! Hats off to Povilas.

Iveta Liaudanskaitė

Another Transfernaut from the Customer Support team who deserves a shout-out is Iveta. In less than two and a half years, she has worked her way from Customer Support Specialist to Senior Customer Support Specialist to Customer Support Automation Expert. Well done Iveta! Your promotions are truly deserved. 

Janina Kitkevič

Four years ago, Janina joined TransferGo as a Customer Support Specialist. She was later promoted to Senior Customer Support Specialist and then to Competence and Quality Assurance Specialist. Today, she’s our Quality Assurance Program Manager. Outstanding work, Janina! What a career path you’ve been on.

Larina ​​Zelubovskaja

Starting out as Junior Payment Processing Specialist in November 2018, Larina has gone on to receive five promotions! Wow. Just wow. She later became our Senior Payment Operations Associate, then our FX Operations & Risk Specialist and then our Treasury Operations Specialist. Not long after, she was promoted to Treasury Operations Analyst. Today? Larina is a Finance Operations Manager. Superb job!

As we mentioned, there are so many employees who deserve recognition for their hard work, ambition, determination, vision and success! But we can’t name them all at once.

We’ll be back in a few months with our next instalment of ‘The many exciting TransferGo career journeys’. Stay tuned!


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