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Best German restaurants

Whenever you hear someone talk about ‘home’, inevitably the topic of food comes up. Few things remind us of home as the foods we grew up enjoying.
It’s also common for those planning a holiday to a new country to try the food even before they do any research on other sights and activities in the area.
When you are in the mood for German cuisine or a nice selection of German beers, here are some of TransferGo’s favourite places.

Bavarian Beerhouse – Bristol & London

The Bavarian Beerhouse is a chain restaurant, but that should not prevent you from visiting. The servings are very large and hearty; the steins of beer are also large and there is a broad selection. The restaurant is a bit stereotypical, particularly with its “Oompah-Tainment” but worth a visit. They also have branches in London; one on Old Street and another in Tower Hill.

Bierschenke – London

Bierschenke bills itself as the only authentic Munich Beerhall in London. The beer menu is extensive and features a wide selection of craft beers. The food has a home-cooked taste. Bierschenke also features weekly lunchtime buffets for those new to German food or those who have a hard time narrowing down their selection.

Herman Ze German – London

Herman ze German is a small deli with locations throughout London. The deli was opened in 2008 in Brighton with sausages imported from the family’s butcher in Germany. Freshly baked bread, pretzels and other traditional German dishes are on the menu, but the sausages are the main draw.

The German Cafe – Solihull

The German Café, formerly Café Shirley, has been a lunchtime favourite for more than a decade. The owner, Andrea Becker, is from a small town near Cologne. The Café specialises in traditional German dishes, but the menu also includes a few favourites from Austria and Italy. A full English breakfast is also served daily.

Stein’s – Richmond

Since 2004, this former ice cream shop has provided an authentic German beer garden atmosphere while offering great views. Located just a few hundred metres from the Richmond Bridge, Stein’s has a great selection of German beers and traditional food. The location also makes it a popular destination for bikers and joggers.

Bavaria Brauhaus – Glasgow

The Bavaria Brauhaus took its inspiration from Munich’s iconic Hofbräuhaus. In addition to the six main Munich Beers (known to aficionados as “the Big 6) the beer menu offers a huge selection of beers from throughout Germany. To accompany their beers, the restaurant offers hearty traditional dishes and live Bavarian-style music.

Bierhaus – Reading

The Bierhaus was Reading’s first independent and authentic German restaurant and bar. The beer menu is excellent and they offer traditional meals with a home-cooked feel. The Bierhaus also has a wine cellar, which is also available for private functions.

The TransferGo Blog’s list of recommend German restaurants is the latest in our series focusing on food. Other articles have focused on pubs, Romanian and Polish restaurants.


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