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TransferGo CEO on NE100

TransferGo has had a number of achievements and accomplishments during our brief five-year history, of which we’re very proud. We are very honoured by our latest achievement; the naming of TransferGo’s co-founders and CEO Daumantas Dvilinskas on the New Europe 100 Challengers list for 2016, the third annual list of central and eastern Europe’s brightest and best inventors, innovators and entrepreneurs.

Part of the New Europe project, a project founded by the Financial Times, Res Publica, Google, and Visegrad Fund, the NE100 Challengers list aims to highlight the world-leading changemakers emerging in Europe. The founding companies along with a number of nominating partners select the NE100 from a cross-section of Europeans from the fields of business, society and politics, science, media and culture. 

The individuals chosen for the list are selected for their role in changing the world and improving people’s lives through innovation in the digital world. The list brings together these personalities and ideas to share their innovation, courage, new-tech expertise and global outreach with the goal of driving all of us to a better future.

Daumantas was chosen for the NE100 list due to TransferGo’s leadership role in the worldwide remittance sector which provides their customers with a fast, low cost method of making money transfers for individuals and small businesses.

From our rather modest beginnings, TransferGo has grown to serve more than 100,000 customers in 39 countries with offices in London and Vilnius.

TransferGo offers customers a convenient, fast, low-cost method of transferring money to help out family members or to pay bills back home, as well as providing specialised services to small and medium size businesses operating internationally. The low cost of the transfers can have substantial impact on the quality of life for the sender and the receiver and helps to increase profits for businesses.

TransferGo has been an active member of the FinTech (Financial Technology) sector, which is made up of start-ups which have harnessed the power and innovations made possible by a digital world to provide needed services at highly competitive prices. Another hallmark of the FinTech sector is the commitment to improving lives around the world by empowering people through economic reforms, education, and philanthropy.

You can read the full list on the Financial Times website.


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