TransferGo Customer Profile: Ramone Plaude

TransferGo offers an inexpensive, fast, secure method for individuals (and businesses) to transfer money to other countries.  Our customers come from all walks of life and have a variety of needs when it does to money transfers.

We enjoy hearing from our customers and from time to time we let the readers of the TransferGo blog meet them as well.

Here is Ramone Plaude’s profile.

Tell us about yourself: “I’m a 21 year old student. I moved to Denmark two years ago to get my bachelors for Value Chain Management at university in Horsens.”

Why do you send money home?  “There are a couple of reasons.  When I go home, I obviously need to have money

Ramona TransferGo Customer

Ramona is using TransferGo to pay the bills back home

for my visit, so I send money home then.  I also have a few bills back home that I need to pay. Sometimes I also send money back home to help out my family.”

How did you find out about TransferGo? “I was searching the internet for cheap money transfer options.  The high fees that banks and other agencies charged were a huge drain on my budget.  There is a service, Opal transfer, which I had used to transfer money from England to Latvia, so I was hoping to find something similar.  Thankfully, I found TransferGo.”

What do you like about TransferGo?: “Like most students, I am on a tight budget. It is important for me to cut expenses and save money wherever possible.  Dealing with foreign currencies when using a Danish bank account is really expensive. Using TransferGo has saved me a lot of money as their rates can be as much as 90% less when compared to the banks and other transfer methods.”

Would you recommend TransferGo to others?:  “Without a doubt.  TransferGo is really inexpensive. The entire transfer process is fast. I really like the fact that the TransferGo customer support staff is very responsive and really helpful.  The TransferGo website is really easy to use and very straightforward and I’m comfortable using the service.”

Whether you are a student like Ramone, or working in another country like some of the other customers we have profiled on our blog, we invite you to check out TransferGo’s services.  We are proud to provide an inexpensive and easy method for customers like Ramone to take care of their money transfer needs.  TransferGo also has a Refer a Friend promotional scheme which rewards our customers for introducing their friends to TransferGo.


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