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Joining Team TransferGo—an overview of our hiring process

We all know that looking for a new job is usually pretty stressful. However, it’s not actually that bad when you know what to expect and feel prepared. So on that note, here are some insights into TransferGo’s typical hiring process (and a few tips to help you get hired).

Our hiring process: the usual steps

Of course, every hire is different. But although our hiring process might be tweaked on an ad-hoc basis, some things never change. Take the following steps, for example:

Phone screening: Candidates who pass the CV screening process will receive an email in the following weeks, inviting them to have a chat with one of our Talent Acquisition team members. This call usually covers topics such as previous experience, expectations and motivating factors. The purpose of this call is to get to know the candidate a little better, feel their drive and match our expectations with theirs. 

First interview: After a successful phone (or video) call, a more ‘technical’ interview follows. Depending on the position, it might be purely technical interview or just a deep-dive through work experience. We always leave some time for you to ask your questions too. That way, you can have a better understanding of what you’ll be doing after joining TransferGo. 

Second interview: It depends on the complexity of the position, but often a second interview is required. It may focus more into specific skills or it could simply involve a meeting with their future team. It’s important for us to have new joiners who fit the team well from the first day. Therefore, introducing the team to a prospective colleague plays well in our case. From the candidate’s perspective, it allows them to have an informal chat with potential future co-workers and gain important insights.

Trial day: If you’re joining our engineering team, you’ll be asked to join our team for a day and see everything for yourself. During the trial day, you’ll be asked to do a technical task and present it to the team. You also have the chance to meet potential future colleagues. After all, it’s not just us choosing the future employee: you too have an important decision to make.

Offer: If all the process steps went well then…hooray! You should receive a call congratulating you on your success and welcoming you as a new member of TransferGo family.

What are we looking for?

It’s not just relevant experience and technical skills that we look at when making a decision. The candidate’s motivation and expectations play a big part. If we feel like we’re not going to meet your expectations, we won’t try and oversell the position. We tend to be realistic and try to understand if every potential candidate will be happy working with us. 

Secondly, we live the values we believe in. So we’re always looking for people who share the same vision and characteristics. We cultivate the culture of collaboration, ownership and doing the work that matters to us and our customers. We seek to hire individuals who are happy to not just do their daily tasks but also be proactive, raise questions and share experiences with one another. 

And last but not the least, we don’t like micromanagement. And we don’t believe in a top to bottom strategy. We tend to work autonomously and we plan the tasks on our own, depending on where we want to make the biggest impact. This allows each and every one of us to create individual business value and let that impact our overall company strategy. It helps us to make a big difference for our customers rather than everyone feel like they’re just part of a big machine. 

Tips for your next interview

Based on our experience of building a world-class team we want to share a few tips for your next interview with us: 

Stay positive: We all know that interviews are stressful, but know that we are human and you shouldn’t be afraid to speak your mind. 

Be open-minded: Whatever comes your way during the interview, share as much information as possible. This will help us (and you) to make the best decision. 

Ask questions: Be proactive and always ask the questions you want—whether it’s about the job, the team or even the manager. Our goal is for you to have all the information needed. 

Be professional: While we still think of ourselves as a startup, we keep the communication friendly yet professional. It’s a common courtesy to keep your phone away and avoid swearing at the interview. (No, we don’t think it’s cool.)

Be your best: Share your achievements and don’t forget to share your failures as well. We are not machines; we make mistakes every day but the most important thing is to learn from them and move on.

Want to experience it first hand? 

We’re always looking out for bright and motivated people to join our team. Our open job openings can be found in our career page. And if you’re interested to see what other people say about our hiring process, feel free to visit TransferGo’s Glassdoor profile where you can read interview reviews and team testimonials.

Join TransferGo and let’s build the next best thing together!


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