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Everything you need to know about the TransferGo app

Whether you already have it or are simply debating downloading it, it’s good to understand the TransferGo app and know about its latest features. Particularly as we’re always working on additions and developments to improve your overall experience. Available for iOS or Android, our app makes life so much easier for customers looking to make...


India Updates: GDP slowdown, digital payment growth and employment number predictions

In this installment of TransferGo’s regular series of news and events from India, we look at the World Bank’s view on the country’s GDP, possible pesticide poisonings, the growth of digital payments and a somewhat bleak employment forecast. Slowdown in India’s economic growth an “aberration”   For the April-June period India’s GDP grew by 5.7%...

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Romanian migration trends in 2018 – where will they go?

One thing is sure about Romanian migration: Romanians will go where they can earn more money and live a better life. With Romania being one of the European Union’s (EU) poorest countries, there are many destination options to emigrate to, but some have traditionally been favoured due to things such as language similarities — think...

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Happy New Year from TransferGo

The end of the year is a great time to celebrate. Here at TransferGo, we’ll be celebrating helping hundreds of thousands of people save millions of pounds in online transfers. That’s money saved to spend with family, friends, food and fireworks this New Year’s Eve. We’re looking forward to saving even more people money in...