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Why is TransferGo so fast, cheap and easy?

If you’ve made it to this blog post, you’ll likely know by now that our money transfers are quite something. We promise (and deliver) high speeds, low fees and no hassle. 

So why is this the case? Why is TransferGo so fast, cheap and easy? Whether you’ve just made your first transfer or you’re thinking about sending money with us, we thought we’d answer a few frequently asked questions.

Why is TransferGo so fast?

We’re one of the fastest international money transfer services on the market. In fact, we’re the only Pan-European money transfer company that can guarantee your money will reach its destination in 30 minutes or less—and most transfers reach their destination in just a couple of minutes. How do we do this? It’s all thanks to our partnerships and ability to provide international cross-network transfers. 

At present, our real-time transfers are available in selected markets, but our plans for further growth and expansion will see these becoming available in more and more countries over the coming months.

We’ve recently partnered with Thought Machine and their next-generation cloud native core banking platform, Vault, will enhance our platform capabilities even further. By hosting our payment services, we can further increase the speeds of our real-time payments platform. With this, we can build more products rapidly and expand further into new markets. Watch this space.

Why is TransferGo so cheap?

One of our core missions is to help migrant communities move money across the world with ease. So we champion the importance of fair and transparent pricing. For this reason, we always provide a breakdown of the fees and exchange rates applicable to different transfer destinations. All of our fees are included in the amount you see when you create your money transfer. There are absolutely no hidden fees. Absolutely zilch. 

Speaking of which, our fees are also super low. In fact, you’ll save up to 90% compared to high-street banks and other providers. We can do this by avoiding expensive international fees—you pay us in one country, we pay your receiver in another. As the money doesn’t cross borders, the costs remain low.  

Our pricing is also based on very competitive currency rates and how quickly you want to send money. If you’re not in a major rush for your transfer to arrive, you can send money for free. It’s as simple as that.

Why is TransferGo so easy?

Not only is it fast and affordable to send money with TransferGo, but it’s also super-easy. Whether you use the desktop or our app, all you have to do is provide the receiver’s details and the amount you want to send and make the payment. And in some countries, you only need to give us their phone number! We’ll take care of the rest. 

Now, you can also send money straight to someone’s card—great if you don’t have their bank details to hand! This feature is currently available in 96 countries. Pretty impressive, huh? And in the (unlikely) event that something does go wrong, our incredible Customer Support team is on hand to help you get it sorted.

But the best part is we’re not quite done. We’re continuously expanding our presence around the world, focussing next on the Commonwealth of Independent States countries. After that, we plan to further expand across Africa and Asia.

We’ll see you there!


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