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Why the world needs migrants

TransferGo is a company built for migrants by migrants. Migration is at the heart of what we do. Our mission is to provide hard-working migrants with simpler, better financial services—making their money go further, and the world a fairer place. 

But migrants aren’t the only beneficiaries of migration. The truth is, the world needs migrants. Why? Read on.

Migration is the solution to global inequality.

Migration is not just a natural product of global inequality—it’s the solution to it. 

Where income inequality squeezes the middle class, migration expands it. It allows millions of people to change not only their geography, but their social class too. Migrants boost economies at both ends of their journey, and through their remittances, they redistribute wealth more effectively than most aid programmes. 

Migration is a question of social justice.

To the ravages of war, climate change, racial discrimination and religious persecution, migration provides a solution that is both fair and beneficial: bringing opportunity to the dispossessed and bringing people together for their mutual economic and spiritual gain.

Preventing migration is not only unjust, it’s futile. 

It’s to stifle an irrepressible force. It’s to criminalise and demonise a vital natural response to a global problem while robbing us of its benefits.

Migration works best when supported. 

For the world to reap the benefits of migration, we must support it with both infrastructure and mindset. 

The world needs migrants. And we must work toward a world without borders. 

A world where hard-working people can seize every opportunity to live and work in peace, with dignity, and with genuine hope of a better future.


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