Migrant Crisis Podcast

19th June: Blowback

The Migrant Crisis Podcast returns with their regular show – this time to speak with Northern Ireland correspondent Mike Meehall Wood, who explains why the English Tories have made an alliance with the Democratic Unionist Party. In addition, Muddassar Ahmed, an interfaith organiser and communications expert looks at how the British Muslim community is affected...

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Migrants in the UK

Migrants in the UK – South African

The UK is a wonderfully diverse country with residents from many parts of the world making their contributions to British culture and society. In this installment of the TransferGo Blog’s continuing series on migrants in the UK, we look at those migrants from South Africa. Historical ties between South Africa and Great Britain The connections...

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Business Currency Updates

British Pound on a Turning Point as Brexit Negotiations Begin

Sterling paused its freefall the previous week as UK political drama eased off and indications for an upcoming rate hike came from Bank of England. Following General Election’s disappointing results for Theresa May, the suggested DUP coalition somewhat calmed the markets, whereas at the same time three BoE members voted for a 25bps interest rate...

Jim Makos
International Trade

Doing Business with Portugal

TransferGo is a strong supporter of entrepreneurs. One of our major initiatives is providing entrepreneurs with information to help them start and run a business. Part of that initiative is our ongoing series of Business Abroad articles, which are designed to give a quick overview of how to start or expand a business in different...

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Living Abroad Migrant Life

Life Abroad: Bucharest

Another of the regular features of the TransferGo Blog is our Life Abroad series, which serves as an introduction to various cities around the world. In this installment we look at the city that was once called “Little Paris”: Bucharest. History By European standards, Bucharest is a fairly new city which was founded in the...

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May Gambles and Loses, Job Shortages, Pensioners and NHS, and the Fall of Populism

For the last two weeks, Brexit talks and movement have been basically at a standstill as PM May and other political leaders campaigned for the just completed election. The election results along with other Brexit news indicates that the road ahead may be anything but smooth. PM May’s Job Just Got Harder PM May called...

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