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FX Rate: What is it?

Today, more people are exposed to financial news, terms and events than perhaps at any other time in recent history. There are a number of reasons for this; the worldwide financial crisis, front page news stories which outline internal issues with major banks and a population that is more mobile and more concerned with their...

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Bitcoin vs. XRP – which is best for you?

The crypto marketplace is an exciting new dimension in the world’s financial landscape.   Even when Bitcoin was the only cryptocurrency, the concept was a bit complicated to understand. Now with hundreds of cryptos available, the landscape can be difficult to navigate, but our Cryptocurrency series breaks it down into easy to understand chunks. Many...

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10 colourful Polish phrases

One of the natural outgrowths of a more mobile and connected society is the exposure to new cultural ideas, customs, foods and language. One country that provides an interesting example of this type of cultural exchange is Poland. Polish immigrants are numerous throughout the world; in fact, the Polish are one of the largest nationalities...

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What are ICOs?

The world of cryptocurrency investing is indeed an exciting one and one that represents an opportunity to be involved in the early stages of what many think is the true future of world currency. As you start your crypto investing journey you will be exposed to a number of new concepts, terms, and abbreviations. At...

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Living Abroad Migrants in the UK

Greeks in the UK

Due in large part to its location, its long-standing reputation as a rich trading and commercial centre and world stature, the UK has long been a destination for immigrants from all parts of the world. Of all groups that have immigrated or settled in the UK, few have had the impact and longevity as have...

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The brothers: Bitcoin vs. Litecoin

It was not too long ago when the notion of cryptocurrency was thought of as a novelty and Bitcoin was the only example. Those days are well and truly over. Cryptos have definitely moved out of the novelty/fantasy world and now hold a serious place in the financial world. And while Bitcoin is still the...

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