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Seedrs Crowdfunding: A few words from our CEO

I’m really excited to be launching our crowdfunding campaign with Seedrs that is now open for pre-registration and will go fully live on October 29th. Through participating in the campaign, we want to give our customers an opportunity to share in our success as we build more solutions to remove friction from the world of...

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Stay safe with TransferGo crypto tips

For the last few years cryptocurrencies have been the most discussed financial products on the market. Analysts and pundits have described them as the best investment tool for millennials and compared them to the dot-com boom. In marked contrast to some other investment products cryptos have been compared to, there are also a large number...

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Cryptocurrency Guides

Investing in cryptos

Every few years an investment opportunity comes along that becomes a milestone in the history of investing. In the early 2000s it was the dot-com boom. Now it’s the cryptocurrency market. Just as in the dot-com days, the market is marked by incredibly growth as well as some products that go awry. Many analysts state...

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Currency Updates Migrant Life

Currency in India

In this instalment of the TransferGo Blog series on world currencies we explore currency in India along with a brief history of money in this developing country. India presents an interesting opportunity for economists to study a developing economy. Present day India is considered a mixed developing country, which means it has a mixture of...

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Cryptocurrency Currency Updates

Finland currency

Currency in Finland Finland’s currency is the Euro, which is the currency of eighteen European countries including Germany and France. Having committed to the cross European currency in 2002, the country gave up control of its cashflow to the Central European Bank. While this means, on the one hand, that Finland exercises less influence over...

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Living Abroad

How to deal with homesickness

Homesickness is a feeling that many people associate with children and young adults who are away from home to attend a camp or living away from home for the first time when they go off to university. Homesickness is also a fairly universal condition, with researchers suggesting that at least 70% of young adults and...

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