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How to save money this winter

Planning to tighten your purse strings this winter? You’re not the only one. With the expensive festive season fast approaching and economic uncertainty ongoing, many of us are wondering how to save money this season.

Well, wonder no more. Here are 5 easy ways to save money this winter.

Revise your spending

If you feel like you’re regularly living in your overdraft, it’s time to reassess your outgoings. Look at your bank statements and cancel any direct debits you don’t need. Perhaps it’s an unused gym membership or a meal subscription service. Working out in your own space and carefully planning your shopping lists are easy, straightforward alternatives.

It’s also a good idea to keep track of your everyday spendings. While that £3 coffee you pick up on the way to work tastes good, it’s casually adding up to £15 a week. That’s over £750 a year! Invest in a reusable coffee cup and take your own instead. More useful tips include ditching takeaways, buying second hand, sharing books and walking to places when possible.  

Consider the 4-present rule

Debit and credit cards, brace yourself… Christmas is coming! But does it have to be this way? Must we really get ourselves into unnecessary debt for what’s essentially one day a year? Absolutely not. There are so many lovely alternatives to overspending and spoiling relatives with unnecessary gifts.

If you find it easy to go overboard when buying gifts for a child (or a friend or partner), consider the 4-present rule. This is where you purchase something they want, something they need, something they can wear and something they can read. This initiative not only requires more careful thought and consideration, but it can save you a lot of money in the process.

Think before you buy

Speaking of spending, don’t forget to shop around. Plan your purchases carefully, taking the time to browse different shops to snap up deals and find cheaper alternatives. Buying second hand is also a great way to save moneyit’s much better for the environment too. 

And if you’re treating yourself (or somebody else for that matter), try the 48-hour trick whereby you hold off on the purchase for two full days. If you still want to buy said thing 48 hours later, go for it. But more often than not, we realise we don’t really need it…

Download a money-saving app

Seeing as many of us are never more than a few yards away from our smartphones, it makes sense to seek their help when we’re trying to save money. And fortunately, there are many apps now available to help us track and curb our spending.

We recently wrote a guide to the best money-saving apps. From apps that help you save to those that reward you for spending, there are many tools at your fingertips to help you get savvy in the spending department. All you need to do is get in the habit of using them.

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Good luck with your mission to save money this winter! You’ve got this.


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