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5 reasons to look on the bright side this festive season

The festive season is upon us. But it goes without saying that things are going to look a little different this year. With Covid-19 causing mass uncertainty economically and social-distancing measures restricting us from seeing certain people and doing what we want, we’re all going to have to adapt a little this year. We know, we’ve adapted so much already. But it’s important not to give up all the hard work we’ve done so far. Why? Because there’s hope in store, that’s why.

Here are 5 reasons to look on the bright side this festive season.

Anti-social distancing is a thing

Now, we might be being a little mean here. But we’ve all been in a situation in December where we’ve had to go somewhere we didn’t want to go. Maybe your partner drags you out to their Christmas work do and you’re the reluctant designated driver. Perhaps you can’t bear to pretend to enjoy another one of your mother-in-law’s dry sprouts. Well, this year you don’t have to.

While we know it’s not in the spirit to avoid certain people and situations, this year is a good chance to use the restrictions to your advantage. And while we don’t know what the actual rules will be for the holidays, it’s likely that we’re going to have to restrict our social bubbles. So, if your neighbour’s the kind of guy that pops round at 6 pm to insist on a brandy together, this year you can simply say, “No Bill, you can’t come in. It’s against the rules.”

The pressure is off

On that note, the reduction of social gatherings also means that any pressure is off (or at least reduced). We don’t ever recommend trying to keep up with Joneses, but often one can’t help it come Christmas time. Be it showering your children with unnecessary gifts or hosting the most ‘memorable’ New Year’s Eve party, the pressure to be the best and do the best can be overwhelming. You’re swarmed with high-pressure ads on the TV and all anybody can talk about are the festivities. The likes of social media platforms further amplify the pressure. 

But this year, we’re actually being instructed to have a low-key Christmas. We’re not allowed to host large parties and we know that most peoplein some wayare feeling the strain financially. This year, let’s just all be kinder to ourselves and not push ourselves to the limits. Both our health and our wallet will thank us.

There’s light at the end of the tunnel

In the last two weeks alone, we’ve had some outstandingly positive news in regards to what we’ve all been waiting for—a vaccine. First up, the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine rocked up with a 90% efficacy rating. The world rejoiced. And then Moderna became the second firm to reveal positive results of its mRNA vaccine. This one has efficacy of almost 95%. 

Whilst many things still need to be worked outthe Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine needs to be stored in -70C(-94F) and Moderna’s vaccine is more expensiveit’s hope in what’s been a dark time for many. After almost a year of uncertainty and restrictions, this is the news we’ve been waiting for. Perhaps we can all return to normality one day. We just have to be patient.

Change can be a good thing

When many of us first locked down in March, a lot of us wondered how we’d cope. But we did. Yes, life changed dramatically overnight and human contact went down to nil. But many people actually used this time to their advantage. Some started an online business, others finally took up yoga and those of us with the discipline even made a start on writing their novel (if you did, we salute you).

When things in our control sometimes become out of control, it’s a good opportunity to take stock. And now that many of us are in lockdown again, it’s a good time to do it all over again. With usual festive routines out the window, why not start some new ones? If you have space, install your Christmas tree outside in the garden. Then, your family members can gather around it and open presents in a safer setting. And if you’re someone that over-consumes at Christmas and feels guilty, perhaps having a limited social circle might help you to reign things in (don’t worry if it doesn’t—we’re only human). 

All things must pass

Finally, to quote an ancient phrase and famous George Harrison record, ‘All things must pass’. Yes, that’s right. Nothing lasts forever. Take yourself back to the beginning of the first wave. Some of us were in despair and feared never travelling or seeing distant friends again. But then cases fell and restrictions loosened in some places. Yes, they increased and tightened again but there’ll be more brighter days. 

So this festive season, stay hopeful that the strangeness of it all might be a one-off. Next year, we may well be embracing each other when we meet. And rubbing shoulders at a glittery NYE bash. And even sharing finger foods.

With hope on the horizon, 2021 may well look completely different—if you want it to.

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