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5 ways TransferGo can help you and your family

Here at TransferGo, we always want to help. That’s why we make it our mission to provide speedy and secure money transfers that are reliable and low cost. So far, so good. Our missions are very much accomplished.

But how can we help? What can we do to make your life easier? Well, this blog post is here to tell you.

Here are 5 ways TransferGo can help you and your family.

We help you save money

It’s not breaking news that our transfer fees are super-low. In fact, compared to high-street banks and other providers, you can save up to 90% when sending money with TransferGo. 

How do we do this? Well, we’re transparent with our fees, breaking them down for different transfer destinations. Everything is included and there are no hidden fees, so you won’t ever experience nasty surprises. Our currency rates are also super-competitive and if you can afford to wait a little longer for your transfer, you can send money for free. That’s right. For free!

We save you time

But if you’re stretched for time, fear not. Our super-fast transfers are a lifesaver for customers in a hurry to send money. In fact, depending on your destination, we can guarantee your money gets there in 30 minutes or less.

Thanks to our incredible partners and ability to provide cross-network transfers, our real-time transfers are becoming available in more and more countries. In fact, most of our transfers reach their destination in just a couple of minutes. Now that’s speedy. 

We take the hassle out of sending money

Sending money on the go? Not a problem. Gone are the days when you’d have to wait in line at a Western Union branch to send money, you can now make a transfer in just a few clicks when you choose TransferGo.

Our app is free to download on both iOS and Android. And once you’re set up with your account, you can send money to over 160 countries in over 40 currencies quickly, safely and easily. It’s as simple as that.

We keep you company

If you’re interested in the topics of sending money, saving money, living abroad or improving business operations, you’re in for a treat. Our blog is a treasure trove of guides, tips and tricks to help you send money, settle in and gain a better understanding of the world we’re living in.

From articles to help you stay safe online to posts directing you to the best apps for migrants, our blog content is awash with how-tos, life hacks and interesting insights. We’re big on social media too! Please feel free to give us a follow on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter.

We are always here to help

Finally, our Customer Service team is pretty much outstanding. We’re friendly, reliable and speak your language. In fact, it’s one of the (many) reasons we’re rated 4.8/5 and ‘Excellent’ on Trustpilot.

Curious to find out more about how our CS team can help? Here are 7 times the TransferGo Customer Support team rocked.

We can’t wait to help you save and send money!


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