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The best things about living in Turkey

It’s time to shine a spotlight on Turkey! After our posts about the best things about living in Romania, Poland, Lithuania and the UK, we’re now exploring the best things about living in Turkey. 

Not only is Turkey one of our biggest markets, but it’s also a pretty remarkable country and place to live. Covering 300,000 square miles, the transcontinental country straddles Europe and Asia. It boasts a rich history, beautiful beaches, mesmerising mountains, gorgeous greenery and so much more.

Here are the best things about living in Turkey.

The sun is shining

Did you know that on average, Turkey has an average of 272 sunny days a year? That allows for plenty of time to explore the many beaches and beautiful outdoor scenery. Not to mention the Vitamin D benefits!

With lovely weather across four seasons— yes, even winter—it’s easy to lead a healthy lifestyle in Turkey. Dining al fresco all year round? Sign us up!

…and the food is mouth-wateringly good

Speaking of dining al fresco, the food in Turkey is incredible. Rich in fresh fruit, vegetables, fish, beans, pulses, local cheeses and olive oil, Turkish is ranked one of the world’s best cuisines.

The kebabs are famous, yes, but the salads, kofte, pastries, soups and curries are also worth a mention. Breakfast, in particular, is a huge deal in Turkey. Start the day as you mean to go on, we say.

Friendly people are everywhere

In Turkey, people are generally very welcoming and friendly. In fact, ask somebody for directions and you may well make a friend for life in the process. Many Turkish people speak at least a little English and love to help out their fellow man.

They also show a keen interest in learning about different cultures and are refreshingly honest too. A compliment from a Turkish person is a compliment well-meant.

It won’t cost you a fortune

Compared to the UK and other major European countries, Tukey is generally a very affordable place to live. While rent can set you back a bit, the costs of council tax, insurance and general household bills are incredibly cheap.

Naturally, it’s more expensive to live in major cities like Istanbul than it is to live in the country’s rural areas but generally speaking, Turkey offers excellent value for money. 

The culture is rich and diverse

Sitting between East and West means that Turkey draws cultural elements from all directions. A huge variety of ethnic groups and nationalities call Turkey home. As a result, the culture is rich and diverse.

Everything from its arts to architecture is visually interesting and you won’t find it hard to find live music on offer. Soak it all up and enjoy your time in Turkey. 

We have a feeling you will.


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