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5 quick tips to help kids settle into a new school

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new school day.

The first day of school is a big day for any child or parent. Nerves, excitement, curiosity and uncertainty are all part of the process. 

If your child has just started his or her new school, here are 5 quick and easy tips to help them settle in.

Be positive

Positivity is key to making your child embrace the idea of school. Keep any feelings of anxiety and concern to yourself and instead focus on the positives. Remind your child of all the fun things they’ll do at school including meeting new friends and playing in the playground. Also, remind them of any other instances where they’ve been nervous about something and everything turned out well.

Talk, talk, talk

Keep an open stream of communication with your child so that if he or she has any concerns about their school, they feel comfortable enough to discuss them with you. It’s also a good idea to learn as much as possible about their school before they start. Get advice from neighbours with school-aged children and check the school’s website and social media for information. Knowledge is power, after all.

Make sure your child is well rested

Studies show that children who get enough sleep find it easier to concentrate in school. Make sure your child is back into a good sleeping routine at least a week before they start school. This way, they’ll be used to a regular bedtime and early start ready for the school day. You may find that your child is so tired from school that they need a little nap when they get home from school. If this is the case, just go with it.

Get involved

Getting involved with school activities is a great way to help your child settle in—particularly when they’re very young. Many schools welcome volunteers for various functions, which are an excellent way of getting to understand your child’s environment. Join any parent groups and organisations and attempt to participate when possible. And if work and other commitments permit, be there to take them to school on their first day.

Take the pressure off at home

Starting school is a big moment in any child’s life. In fact, it’s common for their behaviour to change a little for the first couple of months after they start. Take off the pressure by cutting them some slack. Relax a little when it comes to household chores and concentrate on making them feel safe and relaxed. You don’t have to be permissive but temporarily relaxing your boundaries is absolutely fine. 


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