Migrants in the UK

Migrants in the UK – Australians

The UK is an incredibly rich and diverse country.  One of the contributors to the wealth of British culture and influence in the arts, science, technology, and many other areas is the diversity of the population. The UK is made up of residents from every corner of the world including Australia. The former colony have...

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TransferGo mentioned on TechCityNews

TransferGo recently announced Series A round closing of $3.4 million from the investment company Vostok Emerging Finance (VEF).You can read the full press release over here. Obviously as the announcement was done briefly after the Brexit vote, the company received a lot of mentions in the press including tech city news. Techcitynews.com is a leading provider...

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Currency Updates

Sterling to continue its freefall, unless the 7-year trend prevails over Brexit!

  Panicked investors and entrepreneurs transferred their Sterlings and Euros back and forth the past week, following the surprising Brexit vote in UK. At times of uncertainty and great volatility in foreign exchange the general advice is this: remain still and don’t take any action before the dust settles. Rushed decisions are rarely proven correct....

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Brexit Updates

A Calm Look at Brexit and How it Affects us

Last Friday morning a large portion of the UK population woke up to the news that their countrymen had voted to leave the EU. The result was seen as a surprise even to many of the Leave voters and leaders. The effect of the vote was felt worldwide, but obviously more so in the UK....

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Migrant Life

How to Offer Competitive Rates in Money Transfer

At TransferGo we feel that a number of factors are the reason why tens of thousands of people, including a growing number of businesses, have chosen us as their preferred way to send money back home. Low Competitive Rates Traditionally, one of the biggest complaints about sending money internationally has been the high fees charged...

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Personal Finance

Save Money by Making your Own Beer

TransferGo started with a simple goal; to provide an inexpensive (and easy) method for people to send money internationally. We also like to help people save money in other ways as well. That is the reason why the TransferGo blog contains articles on how to develop a budget and ways in which to save money....

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