Guides: Obtaining UK Citizenship

We have written numerous articles about migrants who live and work in the UK. Some have called the UK home for many years and have started businesses, bought homes, and started families. Others we have profiled have been here for a far shorter period of time.  While we have not profiled any of them yet,...

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Currency Updates

Negative momentum building up for Sterling as Euro remains calm

  Bearish momentum continues its build-up on Sterling’s exchange rate, following a rate cut from Bank of England as an aftermath of June’s EU referendum result. Meanwhile, it’s quite time for Eurozone during this summer season and Euro is watching Pound’s devaluation from the sidelines. Below we investigate how much more GBP will decline and...

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Migrant Life

Why customer verification is so important for TransferGo?

Is TransferGo a bank? No! TransferGo is far far better. In order to make a money transfer with us, you no longer need to waste your precious time by going to the bank branch, waiting in the long queues or paying stellar fees to transfer your earned money to the desired destination abroad. Nevertheless, there...

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Working abroad

5 Things You Should Know When Looking for a Job Abroad

Our Guest writer Vanessa Fardi, from is giving some tips to anyone that is looking for a job in the UK.  Leaving your home, friends and family behind and moving to another country, where everything that surrounds you is completely different from that to which you are used to is not an easy task: different...

Vanessa Fardi

The Value of Smarter Big Data In The Money Transfer Industry

Money transfer and remittance solutions have evolved over the past few decades. Not only are these services used to send money to friends and family, but every transfer tells its very own story. Up until this point, no company has been actively exploring the opportunity to delve deeper into why people use their service, and...

Jean Pierre Buntinx

Brighttalk Webcast: Brexit’s Effect on cross-border Fintech’s

The effects of Brexit and the future for UK and the whole Fintech industry are still unclear.  Various industry professionals are still struggling to understand what the future will bring for them and there employers. In the most recent webcast of the UK Financial Advisers channel in Brighttalk, TransferGO’s CEO Daumantas Dvilinskas alongside the co-founder...

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