International Trade

International Trade: Foreign Currency issues

The UK is home to over 5.2 million small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).  These companies, which include typical SMEs with less than 250 employees all the way down to micro-businesses with 9 or less employees, make up over 99% of all businesses in the UK. The continued growth and the number of SME startups...

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Migrants in the UK

Spanish in the UK

One of the regular features of the TransferGo blog is our look at the diverse cultures that make up the modern day United Kingdom.  Our reason behind highlighting those living and working here is fairly simple; we feel that we all benefit from knowing a bit more about our neighbours, their history, the reasons behind...

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Currency Updates

Sterling’s pullback loses momentum as Euro hits monthly high

  Sterling’s anticipated pullback lost momentum last week and began drifting once again lower. Meanwhile, Euro scored an impressive week that pushed its exchange rate against US dollar to a new monthly high. Should Euro’s momentum keep up and disheartening UK investors turn their back on the British Pound on important UK news this week,...

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Customer Profile: Paulius Pumputis

For a very long time the money transfer process has been dominated by banks and a couple of large multinational companies where the client is basically anonymous. Not in TransferGO. We enjoy learning about our clients and sharing their stories on the TransferGo blog. However, the reasons for getting to know more about our clients...

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Fintech and Banks – Is Collaboration The Only Course of Action?

Every now and then, our society finds itself in the middle of an invisible tug-of-war between industries. On the one hand, there is the financial sector, represented by banks, insurers, and other intermediary services. On the other hand, there is the Fintech industry, often referred to as the disruptors or traditional finance. While they may...

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Currency Updates

Sterling set to gain against a devalued Euro

  After an inactive week for the British Pound, the UK currency may gain against Euro as the latter’s downtrend is speeding up. It will all come down to UK GDP data this week for Sterling, while Euro’s value will mostly be influenced by German economic data and stress test results. Combined with the foreign...

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