Migrant Life

Is my money and personal data safe with TransferGo?

Have you ever wondered what happens with your money when it gets to TransferGo? Is it kept safely? Have you ever asked yourself what happens with your personal data or the documents you provide to us? Who has access to them? How are they stored? If yes, then this article is just for you! Let’s...

Marta Survilo

The International Student Landscape

It seems no matter where you are or whatever industry you’re in, there’s no hiding the Brexit. It’s thrown into question a number of issues concerning migration, healthcare, and even complicating holidays. The education sector, like the rest of the country, is also at a loss as to what will happen over the next few...

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Currency Updates

Sterling gains on Euro but is it a short-lived pullback?

  After weeks of pessimism driven by the ‘Leave’ vote, Sterling showed the first positive signs last week. While Euro didn’t experience much volatility, the British Pound managed to gain back some of the losses it has incurred in July. Will investors continue supporting GBP this week or resume on hammering it down? To find...

Jim Makos
Personal Finance

Retirement plans in UK

There are few guarantees in life. For many, growing older is one of them – and growing older with not enough to survive on, is a frightening prospect. The best time to start preparing, and to look at ways to best grow your pension, is when you enter the workforce – experience teaches that the...

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Mythbuster: It’s not Safe to use your card online

Two of the greatest time saving inventions ever are the internet and credit cards. When you combine the two to handle routine chores like banking, shopping, and paying bills while sitting in a coffee shop or on the tube, the convenience is even greater. Unfortunately both have their drawbacks. The internet is fraught with myths...

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Migrants in the UK

Greeks in the UK

We have often written in the TransferGo blog about the influence migrants from various countries have had on British society. Arguably the country whose citizens have had the biggest impact on British society, and therefore the world’s, are the Greeks. The first historic account of a Greek visiting Britain dates back to 325 BC when...

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