What is the FX Rate

There is an economic theory that outlines the conditions for “perfect competition.”  The marketplace that comes closest to the ideal for perfect competition is the foreign exchange market; also known as FX or Forex. Since most of us do not hold economic degrees, we know little about perfect competition. Our understanding of FX is usually...

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TransferGo Customer Profile: Ramone Plaude

TransferGo offers an inexpensive, fast, secure method for individuals (and businesses) to transfer money to other countries.  Our customers come from all walks of life and have a variety of needs when it does to money transfers. We enjoy hearing from our customers and from time to time we let the readers of the TransferGo...

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TransferGo and the New Generation of MTOs

TransferGo is a money transfer company that offers inexpensive money transfers.  While TransferGo works with a significant number of business clients, the bulk of TransferGo’s clients are migrant workers and students studying in another country who are sending money back home.  Companies such as TransferGo are referred to as MTOs (Money Transfer Operators). TransferGo is...

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TransferGo Webinar for SMEs

What are the risks associated with the cross-border funding of SMEs? What instruments and mechanisms can financial institutions use? What are some hedging strategies financial institutions and their SME clients can adopt to mitigate the impact of currency fluctuations? The Head of Business Development of TransferGo talked about the biggest opportunities for growing the cross border...

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Currency Updates

British Pound suffers losses while Eurozone economy grows

Previous week’s positive gains for Euro and Sterling were largely driven by the growing Eurozone economy. Brexit talks kept investors on their toes as ‘Leave’ and ‘Remain’ campaign leaders fuelled the discussion. Several PMI reports are coming out this week that will affect the British Pound price action at the foreign exchange markets. GBP Sterling’s...

Jim Makos

UK Migrant Workers and the Cost of Money Transfers

During the past few months news about migrants in the UK and elsewhere has dominated the headlines. Many of the articles stress the need for a “fix” to the migrant problems. Some point out that the issue of migrants is in part responsible for why the UK is considering leaving the European Union.  The issues...

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